Garth Gilman

Garth Gilman

GarthGilmanWEBGarth Gilman currently serves as the General Manager for the Band & Orchestral division at Yamaha Corporation of America in Buena Park, California and as the Vice President of Yamaha Artist Services, Inc. in New York, NY.  Garth’s current responsibilities include: planning, resource management, communication, staffing, funds management, business strategy formation and functional analysis.

Garth joined Yamaha in 2003, and has worked for both the Band & Orchestral and Pro & Audio and Combo divisions.  Before being promoted to General Manager in 2011, Garth held several other positions within Yamaha, including: Administration Manager, Director of Administration and Assistant General Manager.

Garth has served as a process owner and executive sponsor for Yamaha’s business re-engineering project (Process Excellence Project) since 2004.  He is included in a small group of international executives selected by Yamaha Corporation of Japan to participate in advanced development courses, including: Advanced Leadership Training (2006) and the 3-year Yamaha Global Institute (2010) program.

Prior to joining Yamaha, Garth was the senior officer at the flagship campus of a non-profit vocational school (NTMA Training Centers).  He also previously headed Management Advisory Services for the nation’s largest employer association (Employers Group). 

Garth holds a Master of Business Administration (2002) degree and a Bachelor of Science in Management (2000) degree from Pepperdine University.  He holds a Certificate in Supply Chain Management from Cal State Fullerton University (2005) and a Facility Director Certification from the Los Angeles County Office of Education (2003).