Requirements for Application and Participation

Chamber Music National Festival
Requirements for Application and Participation

1. Please submit an unedited audio audition recording, not exceeding 10 minutes of literature, submitted as a digital audio file. Audio recording should not only display theensemble’s technical proficiency but also demonstrate their musical expression and artistry. Remember, your ensemble’s audition performance is only as good as the quality of the recording. Be sure to submit a high quality, high-fidelity recording.

  • There is no required music list, but it is recommended that the highest level and quality of music selected be considered for audition recording.
  • THREE conductor’s scores for each selection must be included. (Photocopies may be submitted with written permission from the publisher.) Please note that scores will be returned, but recordings will not.
  • Recording must be recorded after November 1, 2014.
  • Recording submission with be by digital audio upload. Prepare digital audio file as 128k mp3. Compact disc recording may be submitted if digital audio file cannot be uploaded.
  • Please submit an unedited audio recording not to exceed 10 minutes of literature. Audio recording should not only display the ensemble’s technical proficiency but also demonstrate their musical expression and artistry. Remember, your ensemble’s audition performance is only as good as the quality of the recording. Be sure to submit the highest possible quality recording.
  • Please label recordings with School Name and Chamber Ensemble #1, etc. to correspond to the information listed on the application form.

2. The Application Fee is $100 for the first ensemble from a single school or individual, and $75 for each additional ensemble, capped at $500 for up to eight applications from a single school.

3. Chamber ensembles (strings, winds, piano) ranging from trios to a maximum of 16 members are invited to apply. Multiple ensembles from a single school or private studio may audition with a maximum of four ensembles from a single school accepted. Chamber ensemble musicians should not be members of ensembles accepted for the Festival’s other ensembles, including Honor ensembles. Invitations may be issued to more than one chamber ensemble from one school based on the merit of the audition recording(s). Music for All reserves the right to schedule all Festival performances.

4. Ensembles are required to be present from the “Opening Ceremonies” (1 p.m. Thursday afternoon, regardless of participants being in a high school or middle school chamber ensemble) through the Awards Banquet and the Honors concerts on Saturday evening.

5. Directors must include a listing of the number of students in each grade level/year of graduation (e.g. number of sophomores, number of juniors, etc.) for each chamber ensemble, in addition to the application materials. Indicate on the listing how many applicants will graduate by June 2015 and what instruments the June 2015 graduates play. All participating students must be registered at the same school. Students from feeder elementary, junior high and middle schools are also eligible to participate. All performers who contribute to the performance MUST be students EXCEPT for the pianist/accompanist. Such pianist/accompanist must purchase a Festival package if they want to receive housing, meals and additional concerts. Otherwise, no additional fee is required to participate and assist.

6. The ensemble director/coach and a school official must authorize with their signatures approval of this application, in accordance with Music for All policies. Furthermore, the signatures of the ensemble director and school official acknowledge acceptance of one of the event packages for the estimated number of students.

7. The ensemble director and school official also acknowledge the existence of the required Familiarization Trip/Site Inspection meeting scheduled for Sunday, November 15, 2015 in Indianapolis and has the option (but not requirement) to have a director or designated representative attend. The first 25% deposit (see payment schedule on “Festival Packages” page) is due by November 15, 2015. If no representative attends the Familiarization Trip, the ensemble’s invitation may be revoked and the first payment received or indicated on the application will be paid or forfeited as a penalty.

8. The application and accompanying forms must be received by the June 5, 2015 or September 15, 2015 deadlines. Because there can be problems in transit, we recommend that you contact the Music for All office in advance and let us know you are sending your application so we can contact you if it is not received. Suggested handling includes registered mail, certified mail, Express Mail, Federal Express or overnight UPS. Send to Music for All, Attn: Chamber Festival Applications, 39 W. Jackson Place, Suite 150, Indianapolis, IN 46225-1010.

9. If accepted, the ensemble’s signed application grants Music for All the right to use in any media the ensemble’s name, likeness, photographs and reproduction of the performance, and the ensemble’s members for any purpose including promotion, advertising, or otherwise. For purposes of use of these rights, the signed application (on behalf of the ensemble and its members) releases and indemnifies Music for All and its agents from all claims, liabilities, and damages which may arise from such use.

10. Music for All secures the permissions to perform all published works and arrangements of copyrighted music that is performed. However, if a custom arrangement is created or a new work or arrangement is commissioned, the participating ensemble must supply to Music for All written permission from the copyright owner to arrange and perform such works at our Festival. Copyright information and program selection form(s) (if applicable) must be provided to Music for All by January 15, 2016.

11. If an ensemble, after acceptance, plans to utilize a travel agent, that agent must work through Music for All on specifics regarding the ensemble’s itinerary. The invited ensemble agrees to utilize the Music for All Festival Package hotel and meal accommodations from Wednesday night through Saturday night while the ensemble is in Indianapolis. Before any airfare or travel is purchased, the ensemble agrees to give Music for All’s Official Student Travel Partner the opportunity to quote on their travel. If Music for All’s preferred travel partner is able to match or beat another airline or travel provider’s competitive service, fares or rates, the ensemble agrees to utilize the services of the Music for All Travel Partner.