Classification of Bands

Classification of Bands

How are the bands “classified?”

Per our commitment to re-evaluate the classification numbers of 2A-4A, classification numbers have been updated for 2018. Bands are classified by school enrollment, grades 10-12 only. Under our four-class system:

  • Class A is up to 600 students
  • Class AA is 601-1250
  • Class AAA is 1251-1750
  • Class AAAA is 1751 and above

The classification system was adopted by BOA in 2009 following a presentation of research on the enrollment of past participation at BOA to the Music for All Programmatic Advisory Committee, and it is intended to provide better enrollment balance at events. The system will be re-evaluated every three years. For purposes of determining enrollment, your principal must certify enrollment and consider all those students in the grades 10-12 population as reported on fall State and/or FTE funding reports.