Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Music for All’s Annual Fund ensures program support and future educational opportunities for Music for All participants. Partnering with Music for All as a donor will allow you to support 20+ annual events, such as the Bands of America Grand National Championships and Regional Championships for marching band; the Music for All Summer Symposium camp for students and teachers; and the Music for All National Festival for concert bands, orchestra, jazz and percussion.

We continue to provide exceptional platforms for student performance and education. MFA provides ensemble experiences, as well as hands on opportunities for individual student performance training, and student and teacher growth and development. MFA’s programs for individuals are focused on the development of self-worth, accountability and the leadership potential of each individual, using music education and performance as the vehicle to help participants grow, recognize and act on their human potential.  

For many years, MFA has relied on corporate sponsorships, ticket and merchandise sales and program fees to support our programming. While we still rely on those primary revenue sources, our strategic plan was created to guide MFA in building the resources and organizational capacity necessary to deliver on our mission and strategic objectives. In order to accomplish our goals and objectives, which allow for growth and future long-term goals of the organization, MFA has sought funding through a variety of avenues, including individual, corporate and foundation support. By having a mix of revenue streams, MFA is now positioned for long-term growth and success. This means that we will be counting on gifts from supporters like you in order to meet our goal of raising $320,000 this fiscal year.

Achievement of our fundraising goals will help us to deliver on our mission to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all and our vision to be an engaged catalyst to ensure that every child across America indeed has access and opportunity to participate in active music making in his or her scholastic environment. We hope you will join us in believing in music education and Music for All!

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