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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DCI Fan: Thank You for Visiting!

Are you in high school band? Then we invite you to join us for an amazing week-long summer camp unlike anything else you can attend – America's Camp for high school band and orchestra students in all areas of instrumental music and marching band performance.

Late Fee Waiver – Use by June 1

Our gift to you: For responding to our link on, please download this certificate which will allow you to waive the Symposium Late Registration Fee if you register by June 1, 2015 ($65 late fee in effect after May 20).

Student Divisions include:

Marching Band, with Carolina Crown!
Not only will you work with Jeff Young and the amazing marching band staff, you'll rehearse and perform on field with the Carolina Crown, corps-in-residence, during Friday night's DCI Central Indiana. Learn more about the Marching Band Division.

Color Guard
Join Susie Harloff and the incredible, talented color guard staff for a week of learning and fun! For Flags, Rifles, Sabres at all levels, including a Master Class track for more advanced students. Learn more about the Color Guard Division.

Marching Percussion
Mike McIntosh has assembled an all-star percussion faculty, including Tom Aungst, caption head for Carolina Crown and DCI Hall of Fame member to lead the Marching Percussion track! Learn more about the Percussion Division.

Bands of America Drum Major Institute
Join division coordinator Bobby Lambert and the greatest team of drum major instructors on the planet! Come learn the CORE Teaching Principles: Character, Content, Communication and Chemistry. Learn more about the BOA Drum Major Institute.

Seeing is Believing!

Visit our video playlist to watch videos from last year's camp, including with the Marching Band and Carolina Crown and every student division.

More Student Divisions

Student Division also include Concert Band, Jazz, and Orchestra. See the menu on the left to find details on everything about camp!

Kick it off with the Leadership Weekend Experience with Fran Kick and the Leadership Team!

Directors' Academy, too

Professional development for High School and Middle School Band Directors, plus the Percussion Specialist Academy and Color Guard Instructor Academy.

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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Staff Edition

Another Thursday, another throwback post! This week, we decided to crowd-source Throwback Thursday and give you a few memorable moments from our staff. While many of our staff members (including myself) are alumni of Music for All programs, we do have several staff members who participated in other musical outlets and some who were not involved in music. Here are a few musical moments from our devoted staff members. Enjoy!

LauraLaura Blake
Events Manager

Instrument: Trumpet

Memorable Moment: I completely own that I grew up as a marching band junky! So when I say that my most memorable experience wasn't marching related, some who know me well may gasp. A truly defining moment was performing at the National Concert Band Festival. It was one of the only noncompetitive experiences I had in high school. There is an exhilaration that comes from preparing and performing some of the hardest music written for that medium. You rehearse and prepare and with such a small group you really have to own your part, your notes, your emotional investment in the process. Then you are ushered into a grand hall and have the performance of a lifetime, followed by music giants taking time and working with you, it's an unprecedented experience for most high school students, it certainly was for me. There are no trophies, no high distinctions or even discussion of who gave a better performance.  Your thinking, where's the reward? Trust me, there is a moment. It's one that will never be replicated, but will stay with you forever.


johnsbandpic-webJohn DeRoss
Seasonal Marketing Assistant

Instrument: Guitar/Vocals/Harmonica

Memorable Moment: I was playing in a cover band during my Junior year of college, and we got offered a gig at a house party on campus.  We decided to go for a whole new set, and play nothing we had before.  Believe it or not, I can still remember the entire set list (Money - B. Gordy, Mary Jane's Last Dance - T. Petty, Stuck in the Middle with You - Stealers Wheel, The Weight - The Band, I Second That Emotion - S. Robinson, Like a Rolling Stone - B. Dylan, Helter Sketler - The Beatles, and Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones).  Anyway, everything was going pretty well and I was having a great time getting to play music by virtually all of my favorite artists.  That was, until we got to "Helter Skelter."  The song started out rocking, and I was screaming the lyrics in my best McCartney impression.  Then, somehow, we fell apart.  I'm not sure who's fault it was (probably all of ours for not practicing enough) but our drummer and lead guitar player switched to a bridge unexpectedly in the middle of the song, as our bass player and I jumped into another verse.  Needless to say it did not sound too great, but we recovered, had a laugh, and I tossed my guitar to the side to belt out our last tune, "Jumpin' Jack Flash", while channeling my inner Mick Jagger.  Even though we had a little flub, the night was still great. Any time that I'm able to play music I love, with great friends is a good time. 


DavidDavid Foth
Events & Participant Relations Administrative Assistant

Instrument: Trumpet/Euphonium

Memorable Moment: While I never had the opportunity to perform in a Bands of America Regional with my high school band, I did have the honor of performing in exhibition with the UMass Minuteman Marching Band at the 2011 Grand Nationals. I had many memorable performances with the UMMB, but that one was definitely in the top 3. Towards the end of our show, we "crashed the stands," meaning the entire band ran past the front sideline, and we formed a giant "wall of sound." Watching the positive reactions of everyone sitting in the first few rows of the stands was priceless. Even better was the huge standing ovation we received afterwards. It's a memory I definitely won't ever forget!


MollyMMolly Miller
Event Coordinator

Instrument: Flute/Drum Major

Memorable Moment: In 2004 my band traveled from Kentucky to Indianapolis to compete in Grand Nationals. It was my sophomore year and I’ll be honest- I was a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. As we took the field in Finals competition, all of that anxiety melted away. Looking up from your first set to realize you’re about to perform in front of tens of thousands of people is an incredible feeling. Now, every year that I stand on the front sideline during our GN awards ceremony, I’m reminded of that feeling and am so thankful we are providing that life-changing experience to another group of students. My ‘tied-for-first’ memorable moment (is this cheating?) was winning our state competition my senior year. This photo is from that night- can you tell I was excited?


Can you tell we have some pretty passionate and awesome staff members? It is such an honor to be able to work with each of them every day. If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned! We'll have more staff profiles and Throwback Thursday staff posts soon. If you have an idea or story for Throwback Thursday, we'd love to hear it! Just fill out our online "Share Your Story" form and it could be featured in an upcoming post.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Presley

Here at Music for All, we recognize that our programming would not be possible without the support of our hard-working and dedicated volunteers. "Spotlight on Volunteering" is an on-going blog post series that highlights one of these superstar volunteers each month.

Interested in volunteering? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how you can get involved!

This month's superstar is.... Nicole Presley!

Nicole Presley

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What's your background with Music for All?

In high school, I played mellophone in and was drum major of the Milford (OH) High School Marching Band. We participated in a few BOA Regional and Grand Nationals events each year. I was also a camper at the Summer Symposium in 2008 and a member of the 2009 BOA Honor Band in the Tournament of Roses parade. Up until my senior year, Music for All was just the organization that organized all of the big competitions that my band went to, but after attending the drum major track at the Summer Symposium and marching in the honor band, I began to see that MFA was so much more than that. Both experiences taught me more about leadership and teamwork than I ever imagined that they would.

Q: When was the first time you volunteered with Music for All? Why did you decide to volunteer?

My first experience volunteering for Music for All was as a SWAG at the Summer Symposium in 2010. I wanted to be a SWAG because I wanted to give back to the wonderful experience that I had as a camper in 2008, and to be honest, I wanted to be back in that environment again. There aren't many places where so much focus is placed on the importance of being your best self, treating others with care and respect, and putting others' needs before your own. The importance of those values makes the Symposium a very safe and positive place. I think that's something that makes the Symposium a place that people want to return to.

Q: You've been a SWAG and a Regional Key Volunteer- which was your favorite volunteer experience and why?

Although I've enjoyed each of those volunteer experiences, being a SWAG is definitely my favorite. I love meeting the campers at the beginning of camp and watching them grow throughout the week. At floor meetings every night, I always ask the girls if they want to share something they learned that day. It's so cool to be able to see their learning experiences deepen as camp draws to a close. After a week of working with incredible instructors and students that share their passion for music and the marching arts, those high schoolers say some pretty profound things. I've been fortunate enough to be a SWAG for a few years now, so I've also be able to see campers grow up from summer to summer, which is just as neat.

I think being a SWAG has also been one of the biggest contributors to my personal growth. I know that I've learned more about leadership and service as a SWAG than I did as a camper. It's always interesting to come back to camp each year and see how I've grown since the last summer, and what growth is still is store for me.

Nicole Presley

Q: Our Indianapolis Super Regional is a huge event and you got to be right down in the action at Pit/Prop Entrance this past year. What was the coolest thing you got to see while volunteering down in the tunnel at Lucas Oil Stadium?

Working at the Pit/Prop Entrance was definitely an exciting experience! I think the coolest thing about it was to see the dedication of the parents in the pit and prop crews for each of the bands. Although there were some pretty cool and impressive props, they wouldn't have come into being without the help of those parents. Every school had parents that knew exactly what they had to do, and wanted to do it to the best of their abilities so that their kids' could have a great experience on the field. Marching band as we know it couldn't function without the support of parents, and it's so cool to see that in action.

Q: Many of our volunteers are recent alumni of our programming, like you. What was the best part of your band experience with Milford High School?

That is a hard question to answer! I have so many wonderful memories of my experience with the Milford Bands that it's hard to choose the best part! One thing I will never forget from my experience with marching band is the feeling of standing on the field right after finishing a performance, exhausted and fighting for breath, but feeling so excited and proud for my band. You don't often get to experience accomplishing something so beautiful with over a hundred other people who have all been working towards the same goal for months like you can with marching band.

Q: Would you recommend volunteering with us to other Bands of America/Music for All alumni?

Of course! Volunteering at Music for All events has allowed me to give back and stay connected to something that was such an important part of my time in high school. Not only that, but each time I volunteer is a such a positive learning experience. You get to work with great people for a great purpose. MFA really does provide postively life-changing experiences, and as a volunteer you get to help create them and have a positively life-changing experience of your own.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 1987

This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to the teenage years of BOA, a time when newspapers were the primary source of information, and the Berlin Wall was still standing tall.  Seems like a while ago, right? 


This 1987 article from the Detroit Free Press highlighted what is still BOA’s largest event: the Grand National Championships. However, this Grand Nationals was slightly different than what we’ve grown accustomed to over past years. It wasn’t held in Indianapolis, the city that has become BOA’s home. No, back in 1987 Grand Nationals were staged at the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, Michigan (They would again be held at the Silverdome in 1988). 50 bands competed, and only two days were needed to crown a champion, Marian Catholic H.S. And, as most know, today we have two jam-packed days of prelims followed by full day of semi-finals and finals performances. Needless to say, Bands of America is now an adult.

Detroit 2

This piece also included a quote that I think sums up BOA performances perfectly: “It’s not the old high step (University of) Michigan marching band performance that many people are used to. It’s a much more sophisticated performance. It’s more of a concert hall effect with motion.”

So what do you think? How have you seen BOA change throughout the years?

Check out the full article below.


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Why Kids Need Camp?

Why should students and directors attend the Music for All Summer Symposium this June? Check out the infographic from MFA Summer Symposium Marching Band Division Coordinator, Jeff Young of Dynamic Marching, and see the ways that camp can be life changing!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Whitewater, WI

This Throwback Thursday, I thought I would share a recent trip I made to the original home of Music for All: Whitewater, Wisconsin. While driving through a cold and snowy Wisconsin late last month, I decided to take a short detour to the quaint town of Whitewater. I can't imagine what this town looked like during the summers of the 1970s and 1980s, high school students and music educators teaching, practicing and performing. Starting in the summer of 1976, Whitewater became the center of marching music education when McCormick Enterprises took a huge risk and decided to invest in the success of young music students.

As I drove up to Perkins Stadium (originally Warhawk Stadium) in Whitewater, I was overcome by the memories made here. I could imagine the students and fans walking up the large hill to the stadium, overlooking the rolling fields of Wisconsin farmland. Bands of America Hall of Fame band directors Michael Rubino, Bob Buckner and Greg Bimm would be preparing their ensembles for a performance in the Marching Bands of America (MBA) Summer Nationals. MBA clinicians such as William D. Revelli would be providing valuable insight to young music students and band directors. If you were a music student or educator in the 1970s and 1980s, Whitewater was the place to be.


Driving through the small farm town, I wondered, "Why Whitewater?" Whitewater not only served as the home of Marching Bands of America, but also previously hosted the very first Drum Corps International Championships in 1972 and 1973. Both DCI and MFA provided placques to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater honoring the college, which still stand out today on the stadium wall. Last year, DCI providing a fascinating look at the beginnings of drum corps at Whitewater. I also looked to Music for All founder Larry McCormick's book God Is My Drum Major for more information on Whitewater: "It was a perfect location with a beautiful stadium and facility with dorm housing available at reasonable prices."

Whitewater2William D. Revelli, Gene Thrailkill and Mike Davis at the 1976 Summer Nationals

Participation in the Summer Nationals and music workshops grew and grew after the inaugural year. The original purpose of Marching Bands of America stands true to Music for All's mission today to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all. In fact, you may recognize some of the language from MBA's original purpose statement: "An individual's choice to participate in the band, and that band's participation in the broadening experience of competition, is a postive step toward becoming a winner in life." That's right, even in 1976, each of the participants was a "winner in life!"

1976 Grand National Champions, Live Oak H.S., CA and director Michael Rubino

Whitewater3Whitewater was home to Music for All during the formative years of the organization. From the decision to move to a fall marching band championship in 1980 to restructuring as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Whitewater was home to some of the earliest memories and first positively life-changing experiences. Still today, Perkins Stadium remains a venue for marching ensembles, including a yearly DCI show and the Wisconsin State Marching Band Championships. Although Summer Nationals ended after 1988 and the Summer Band Symposium moved to Illinois State University in 1992 to accomodate the growing camp, Whitewater remains an important part of Music for All's story. My short trip to Whitewater was well worth the detour and provided a fulfilling look into Music for All's earliest history.



Seth Williams is the Advocacy Coordinator at Music for All. Seth is no stranger to Music for All and Bands of America – first as a participant and as an intern in Development and Participant Relations. He is a graduate of Butler University and previously worked in the Broadway theatre industry in New York. A proud alumnus of “The Centerville Jazz Band,” Seth is likely the biggest band nerd he knows.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Tournament of Roses® Parade

As we ring in the new year we can't help but be thankful for an amazing year of providing positively life-changing experiences. It seems hard to believe it has already been a year ago, but we started 2013 with one of those amazing experiences - our 2013 Bands of America Honor Band marching in the 2013 Roses Parade on New Years Day!
It has been heart warming to watch our 2013 members reminiscing on social media about their experience and talk about the friendships they created during that incredible, life-changing week. We are so thankful that we got to be a part of that with all 300 of those amazing students - thank you for sharing all of your wonderful stories with us.
Remember the experience with us! Read this wrap-up article of the experience and this blog post from one of our fantastic drum majors!
We know we will be kicking off the new year tomorrow by watching the 2014 Rose Parade! We cannot wait to watch all of the amazing marching bands (including our 2012 Grand National Champion - Carmel H.S., IN!)
Our friends at are providing AMAZING coverage of these bands in Pasadena! You can follow along with the action on Facebook and Twitter or head over to the website!
So make sure you are watching the parade tomorrow and cheering on the fantastic bands! Below is the lineup of the parade, with the marching bands in bold! (Thanks for the list!)
2014 Tournament of Roses Parade Order 
  1. Honda Sound Car and Pace Car
  2. United States Air Force Thunderbirds Flyover
  3. Wells Fargo Theme Banner
  4. Wells Fargo Opening Show
  5. Grand Marshal Vin Scully
  6. American Honda
  7. United States Marine Corps Mounted Color Guard
  8. United States Marine Corps West Coast Composite Band
  9. Western Asset Management Co.
  10. 2014 Rose Parade Theme: Dreams Come TrueSpirit of the West Riders
  11. City of Glendale, CA
  12. Hawai'i All State Marching Band "Na Koa Ali'i," Kaneohe, Hawaii
  13. Dole Packaged Foods
  14. Tournament President and The Budweiser Clydesdales
  15. Donate Life
  16. Sierra Madre Rose Float Association
  17. Claudia Taylor "Lady Bird" Johnson H.S. Marching Band, San Antonio, Texas
  18. Farmers Insurance
  19. Wells Fargo
  20. Singpoli Group
  21. Pasadena City College Herald Trumpets
  22. Macy's
  23. Liberty H.S. Grenadier Band, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  24. The New Buffalo Soldiers
  25. La Cañada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association
  26. Nagoya Minami H.S. Green Band, Nagoya, Japan
  27. City of Hope
  28. South Pasadena Tournament of Roses
  29. Dobyns-Bennett H.S. Marching Indian Band, Kingsport, Tennessee
  30. Stella Rosa Wines
  31. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
  32. K9s4Cops
  33. Miracle-Gro
  34. The Salvation Army Tournament of Roses Band
  35. Valley Hunt Club
  36. Kiwanis International
  37. Michigan State University
  38. Michigan State University Marching Band
  39. The Norco Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Team
  40. The Beverly Hills Pet Care Foundation
  41. Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band, California
  42. Mayor of Pasadena, Bill Bogaard
  43. Trader Joe's
  44. Kaiser Permanente
  45. The Martinez Family
  46. Stanford University
  47. Stanford University Marching Band
  48. City of Alhambra, CA
  49. Torrance Rose Float Association
  50. War Horse Foundation
  51. 2013 Rose Bowl Hall of Fame Inductees
  52. Westfield H.S. Marching Bulldogs, Chantilly, Virginia
  53. NBC's The Voice
  54. Hermanos Bañuelos Charro Team
  55. Cal Poly Universities
  56. Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia
  57. Rosemount H.S. Marching Band, Rosemount, Minnesota
  58. Harlem Globetrotters
  59. Shriners Hospitals for Children
  60. Downey Rose Float Association
  61. Scripps Miramar Saddlebreds
  62. Burbank Tournament of Roses Association
  63. Glendora Tartan Band and Pageantry, Glendora, California
  64. China Airlines Ltd.
  65. Carmel H.S. "Marching Greyhounds," Carmel, Indiana
  66. Public Storage
  67. Homewood Patriot Band, Homewood, Alabama
  68. Calizona Appaloosa Horse Club
  69. Rotary Rose Parade Float Committee, Inc.
  70. Los Angeles Unified School District All City Honor Marching Band, California
  71. City of Los Angeles
  72. Los Angeles Police Metropolitan Division Mounted Platoon/Los Angeles County Sheriff's Mounted Enforcement Detail
  73. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment
  74. Banda de Música Herberto López Colegio José Daniel Crespo, Herrera, Panama
  75. eHarmony
  76. St. Augustine H.S. "Marching 100," New Orleans, Louisiana
  77. Underground Service Alert of Southern California (DBA DigAlert)
  78. Odd Fellows Rebekahs Rose Float
  79. Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry
  80. City of Beverly Hills
  81. McQueen H.S. "Lancer Band," Reno, Nevada
  82. AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  83. Lutheran Layman's League
  84. USA Jump Rope - Palpitating Panthers
  85. The Lucy Pet Foundation, Inc.
  86. Colony H.S. Knights Marching Band "THEE Northern Sound," Palmer, Alaska
  87. Lions Clubs International
  88. Wingtip to Wingtip Association
  89. All American Cowgirl Chicks
  90. RFD-TV
  91. Parade Closing Unit with XPOGO


The 2014 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade presented by Honda will step off with another fantastic lineup of colorful floats, top-notch marching bands and majestic equestrian units from across the country and around the world. The annual procession begins at 8:00 AM (Pacific) on Wednesday, January 1.

The Rose Parade will be broadcast on ABC, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, KTLA, NBC, RFD-TV, Sky Link TV and Univision.
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All of us at Music for All love hearing from students, directors and parents about their stories involving band and music education! Every once in awhile, someone sends us a great message on Facebook, gives us a call, sends a letter, or shares a photo with us, just because. Words cannot express how much we love hearing from all of you! Today's Student Feature is one of those photos and a story that was shared with us by Sara from the Cary Senior Marching Band!

Green Hope Hearts

 This past fall at the first ever BOA Winston-Salem Super Regional, The Cary Senior H.S Marching Band was attending along with our down the street rivals, The Green Hope H.S Marching band. During the award ceremony for prelims, when either of our band's names were called for caption awards, clapping didn't seem to be enough to show our respect to our fellow high-schoolers, musicians, and friends. At one point, a member in our band stood up when Green Hope's name was called and made his hands into a heart, and quickly the rest of our band followed. As the award ceremony progressed, suddenly there were hundreds of hearts in the air when either of our names were called. While both of our bands were able to move on to finals, that wasn't the point. The hearts and support we both gave and received is something I'll never forget. It perfectly showcased what marching band is really about, the love of performing, musicianship, unity, and the experiences you get along the way.

- Sara Mears

Sara is absolutely right- THIS is what band is all about. THIS is what Music for All is all about. The experience, the music education community coming together. What a fantastic story and an awesome photo, thanks for sharing Sara!

Have a story or a photo you want to share with our community of music education advocates? We'd love for you to share! Send us a message on Facebook, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just fill out this "Share Your Story" form!



Erin Fortune is the Marketing Coordinator focusing on digital marketing at Music for All, and has been working with Music for All for nearly three years, first in the Participant Relations department and now in marketing. She is a graduate from the Music Industry Management program at Ferris State University in Michigan and is a former Percussive Arts Society Intern and a Yamaha Corporation of America, Band and Orchestral Division Intern.

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11087543734 7d4ae350ef o

Congratulations to all of the bands who participated in the 2013 Bands of America Grand National Championships, presented by Yamaha! Here are awards photos and behind-the-scenes photos. Looking for more action photos of your band? Jolesch Enterprises has you covered - so make sure you check here for group photos as well as action shots that they took at the event.


Can't view the slide show? Click here. 

Looking for Results and Scores from the event? You can find those here. Congratulations to the 2013 Grand National Champion: The Woodlands HS, TX!

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The Patrick John Hughes Parent/Booster Award annually recognizes the extraordinary commitment, dedication, support and sacrifice of music parents and boosters around the world by shining a spotlight on an individual who exemplifies these qualities.

The award is named in honor of Patrick John Hughes, the father of Patrick Henry Hughes. Patrick Henry is a remarkable young man who, despite physical challenges that would seem overwhelming to many, has excelled as a musician and student, singing and playing piano and trumpet with the Louisville Marching and Pep Bands, with the help of his father, who tirelessly maneuvers his son’s wheelchair through the formations with the other 220+ members of the Cardinal Marching Band

On Friday night during Grand Nationals the 2013 Patrick John Hughes Parent Booster award was awarded to Dick Zentner, of Pennsylvania.

PBAWARD1Music for All's President and CEO, Eric L. Martin with Dick Zentner, 2013 Patrick John Hughes Parent/Booster Award Recipient

Zentner Family

Eric Martin, Dick Zentner, Zentner's daughter Dawn Tatters, grandsons Dylan and Doug Tatters and Zentner's son Ron Zentner

Mr. Richard “Dick” Zentner first became involved with the Norwin Band Boosters in the 1980’s. He began his booster parent journey on the pit crew and when it became known that he had his commercial driver’s license, he was quickly recruited to drive one of the equipment trucks.

As Mr. Zentner’s other children continued their participation in the Norwin band program, so did he, serving on many booster committees and even serving as booster president for several terms. But Mr. Zentner was not just a supporter of the Norwin band program- he often met with other fledgling band parent organizations and shared with them the Norwin booster model and the wisdom of his experience.

Through the years Mr. Zentner played an increasingly important role in planning and coordinating the band’s transportation to and from all local competitions and community events, as well as events like BOA, WGI and band trips to Florida. Whenever the band had somewhere to go, Mr. Zentner made it happen flawlessly.

Through his involvement with the Norwin band program in the 1980’s, Mr. Zentner became a trusted confidant and friend of Norwin Director of Bands, the late L.J. Hancock. Though Mr. Zentner’s youngest son graduated from the Norwin band program in 1994, he continued to coordinate logistics, attended band parent meetings and served as an advisor to L.J. Hancock. In 2000, L.J. Hancock passed away, and while Mr. Zentner was crushed to have lost such a close friend, he worked toward helping to maintain the quality of the band program for the sake of the students. Since L.J. Hancock’s passing, Mr. Zentner has assisted in the transitioning of four band directors into the Norwin band program.

ZentnerwithNorwinBandMr. Zentner with the Norwin band

Former Director of Bands, Ian Morrison, said “As a former student in the Norwin band program, I personally remember “Mr. Z” unloading my Sousaphone from the truck and wishing me good luck. As a former director of bands at Norwin, and one of the band directors that Dick helped to transition into the program, I can say from personal experience that parents like Dick are invaluable to the success of an organization such as ours. In the uncertain times of transition, Dick was a calming and steadying influence on me and the band parents’ organization.”

There is no denying that Mr. Zentner has been a devoted and loyal advocate of the Norwin band program. After more than 25 years of involvement and working with 5 director of bands, Mr. Zentner has truly become an icon of the Norwin band.

“Since I have become the director of bands at Norwin, Dick and I have talked about the history of the program, what it means to him and why he does what he does. Throughout the conversations the words loyalty and tradition come up often. In many ways, Dick is the keeper of this tradition as he has been around longer than any of our current staff and is truly part of what makes the Norwin Band program successful. The guidance that he has provided me during my brief time as the Norwin director makes him almost like a father figure in this regard. Like me, when I was a student, most students don’t know just how much Mr. Zentner does for all of them and how much he shapes their experience, especially on the road. I will always be grateful for what Dick does for this organization.” –Director of Bands, Timothy Daniels

Norwin Directors and ZentnerDick Zentner with the Norwin HS Directors

Mr. Richard “Dick” Zentner has not only been a booster, pit crew dad, equipment truck driver, logistics specialist, prop construction crew member, volunteer coordinator, Vice President of the Norwin Band Aides, President of the Band Aides, Norwin band historian and Director of Operations during his time with the Norwin band, Mr. Zentner has been a true advocate of music education and a champion of every student.

“Year after year, rehearsal after rehearsal, performance after performance, Dick is there doing what needs to be done because he knows the importance of supporting the efforts of the student. Dick Zentner is the epitome of a dedicated band booster.” – Linda Hancock, Norwin Band Staff 1985-2001

NorwinGroupNorwin students, directors and fellow boosters supporting Dick Zentner at the Parent/Booster Award Ceremony

Read more about Patrick John Hughes and his family and the Parent/Booster Award at, where you can also find out how to nominate the exceptional parent or booster in your music program.

Learn more about the award and how to submit a nomination

Watch the Video of the Award Presentation


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