2019 National Festival Information

2019 National Festival Information


The following webpages are supplemental information to the packet sent out in August. Please bookmark these pages should you need to return to them at any time. As we release more logisitical information, those pages will be linked below.

Schedule of Deadlines with links to online forms

PDF of 2018 Program Book for Reference: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Indianapolis Area Map

Downtown Indianapolis Map


Below is a brief description of each form that we request to be submitted before you arrive in Indianapolis in March. There are different sections to break down the forms along with deadlines. 

Festival Agreements, Packages, and Housing Information contains information regarding festival packages, housing, and meals. The Festival Agreement is your contract to participate in the Music for All National Festival.  You must complete your ensemble’s housing list (using the Excel template found in the Directors’ Lounge) and submit the list by November 15. Any housing changes made after November 15 can be submitted using the Housing Change form, up until January 15. The Ensemble Travel Information form should detail your group’s arrangements to and from Indianapolis. Please note that there is no ground transportation provided by Music for All during the festival. Though some performance venues are located in downtown Indianapolis within walking proximity of the National Festival hotels, your ensemble will be expected to move around the metropolitan area on your own for all events. If needed, transportation to and from the airport is also the responsibility of each ensemble. Lastly, arrangements for the Familiarization Trip may be made by completing the Confirmation and Hotel Reservation form. 

Payments must be made according to the dates found on the Festival Agreement and Schedule of Deadlines page. Percentages are per your ensemble’s total cost that you list in your Festival Agreement. 

Event Information consists of a series of forms that will help shape your festival experience. Each ensemble is guaranteed one rehearsal, however, due to the number of ensembles and space limitations, requests for additional rehearsals may not be granted. The Instrumentation and Voicing Breakdown can be approximated and is simply used to determine space and materials needed for master class sessions. The Additional Equipment Request and Stage Plot forms help us to assist you with obtaining equipment and the correct performance set up for your ensemble. A roster with addresses is used to create certificates and to send congratulations and information to students. Please check for accuracy on the correct spelling of names. Music for All also completes demographic studies of participants for all programs. Contact information will not be shared with any other organization. 

Ticket Information: All members of an ensemble’s package will receive credentials on-site that allows access for any National Festival performance. Additionally, all ensembles are guaranteed tickets for one honor ensemble concert. Honor Ensemble concert tickets will be assigned based on schedule and preference will be given to those ensembles that have students performing in an Honor Ensemble. A separate Festival Ticket Order and Banquet Ticket Order form can be submitted by friends and family members not included in your ensemble’s package that wish to attend these events (see section below on Friends & Family Packages for more details).

Program Book and Script Information contains information related to the National Festival commemorative program. Please ensure that all information submitted is accurate, complete, and appears exactly as you would like it listed on all festival promotional items. The following information must be submitted for the program book: director biographies, school/community/program biographies, musical selections and program order, personnel list, ensemble and director photos, Superintendent and/or Principal photos, and letters of congratulations. The following information must be submitted for scripting for your performance: program order and notes, director names, and school administrator names. The advertising contract should be completed by your sponsor company or organization who will be represented in the National Festival Program Book.

Repertoire Selection Information will provide you with details and deadlines regarding the repertoire selection process. Please ensure that all information is accurate. The Copyright Report and Final Program form MUST be completed by January 15, 2019. All custom arrangements of copyrighted materials must be supported by proof of permission to arrange. Additionally, please be reminded that you must bring copies of your scores with you to be used by National Festival evaluators. Photocopies will not be permitted without written consent from the copyright holder or publisher. Five original scores are needed for all bands, orchestras, and choirs; three original scores are needed for percussion ensembles and chamber ensembles. Please contact us if additional selections are added after you complete this form. Before submitting this form, please visit the following link for more information about our copyright process: http://www.musicforall.org/copyright.

Additional Items are optional forms that can be submitted at your leisure. If anyone in your group has a request for special meals due to dietary or food allergy needs, please complete the Special Meal Request form. If you are in need of a meeting space for your group while at the hotel please complete the Additional Meeting Request form (note: this form is only to request ensemble meetings). If you know of ensembles or directors that may be interested in participating in a future National Festival, please use the Ensemble Recommendation form to share their contact information. Additionally, your students are encouraged to apply for the Revelli Scholarship and the Butler Dean’s Scholarship, scholarships that we will award to 2019 National Festival participants. 

Friends and Family Packages will be available for purchase in mid-November. Packages are for friends and family members of your ensemble who wish to attend the National Festival as spectators, but will not be included in your group. Packages also allow for friends and family to travel to and from National Festival on different days than your ensemble, if they wish. Please see the Friends and Family Package breakdown page for pricing and more information. 

Ensemble Host: Each ensemble is assigned an ensemble host – an event staff member who will serve as a “liaison” between you and Music for All staff while you are on site. Most ensemble hosts are former participating directors of National Festival or long time friends and volunteers of Music for All. If you know someone that you would like to host your ensemble(s) please reach out to David Foth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with their contact information.