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In recognition of our 40th Anniversary in 2015, Music for All celebrated our past, present, and future. Here are 40 highlights from our 40th Anniversary year:

  1. Music for All receives invitation from the Tournament of Roses for the Bands of America Honor Band to march in the 2017 Rose Parade® in Pasadena, California.
  2. As part of the partnership, the Tournament of Roses also invited the BOA Honor Band to march in the 2021 Rose Parade.
  3. The Tournament of Roses parade will continue to invite one band from among the Bands of America Grand National Semi-Finalists to march in the Rose Parade.
  4. Music for All announces Middle School Student Concert Band Track to launch at 2016 Music for All Summer Symposium.
  5. Planning begins on the new Directors' Track at the Music for All National Festival.
  6. The Chamber Music National Festival launches at the 2015 Music for All National Festival.
  7. Music for All signs five year sponsor agreement to take part in the Music for All State Fair Band Day, presented by Music Travel Consultants starting in 2015.
  8. Music for All joins Music Travel Consultants as a sponsor of CITSA, the Central Indiana Track Show Association.
  9. Music for All signs on as charter partner of Be Part of the Music and Be Part of the Orchestra, both programs begin production in 2015. These new Be Part of… programs expand the Be Part of the Band: Elementary Style that Music for All is also a sponsor of.
  10. Music for All announces partnership with United Sound, a new initiative aimed at helping children with special needs to become involved in their high school band and orchestra programs.
  11. Northern California Regional added to fall schedule 2015, first time in NoCal in over 20 years.
  12. Largest number of Bands of America Championships in Music for All history in 2015, with 20 total shows.
  13. First marching band from Alaska to compete in the Grand National Championships to appear in the 2015 event: Colony H.S., Alaska.
  14. First marching band from Hawaii to compete in the Grand National Championships to appear in the 2015 event: Mililani H.S. Hawaii.
  15. First band from Hawaii is invited and performs at the Music for All National Festival in 2015.
  16. Bellbrook High School, Ohio, Band Alumni coordinate Grand Nationals celebration around MFA's 40th Anniversary.
  17. Largest MFA camp since the economic downturn of 2008 is held in June 2015 at Ball State University, with 1,216 students and 170 directors.
  18. Music for All hits 80% of capacity for its 2015 Bands of America Championships by May 1, 2015.
  19. Music for All launches online application for all honor ensembles at
  20. Music for All prepares to announce the creation of its new Ovation Awards, recognizing advocacy in action and best practices by schools, boosters, music education organizations, teachers, administrators, and communities.
  21. Music for All announces extension of contract with Ball State University for the Summer Symposium through 2018.
  22. Ball State University becomes a Corporate Sponsor of Music for All.
  23. The U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps join Music for All's family of Corporate Sponsors.
  24. Bands of America returns to South Valley of Texas with a Regional in collaboration with the City of McAllen, in Fall 2015.
  25. Music for All undertakes project to digitally archive all past Bands of America videotape masters to protect four decades of recorded marching band history.

...and more to come...!
Music for All will continue to add highlights to this "40 for 40" list throughout the rest of 2015. Tell us your highlights and most memorable moments from the past 40 years of Music for All, Bands of America, and Orchestra America events.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Social Media

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At Music for All, we see social media as a way for us to connect and continue our work to fullfill our mission of creating, providing and expanding positively life-changing experiences through music for all. 

You can connect with us and other Music for All supporters on the social networking sites you like to spend time on. We’re proud to be part of such a diverse, passionate group of people working together to support music education!

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Most importantly, we want to connect with you about what you think is important, please don't hesitate to leave us a comment and share your thoughts!

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Our Facebook communities are full of Music for All, Bands of America and Orchestra America supporters who are interested in music, music education and of course Music for All programs.

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If Google + is more your style, we are there too! 

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Do you love sharing photos and getting creative with all of the filters Instagram has to offer? We love it too! On Instagram you will find Music for All posting plenty of behind-the-scenes photos from all of our events!



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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Community Drum Circle Initiative

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Music for All (MFA) and Bongo Boy Music School host monthly community drum circles for downtown business professionals in Indianapolis. This program will allow professionals of all ages to get connected to the arts community, network with one another and gain benefits from actively participating in music making – all on one day a month during a lunch hour.

Join us for these upcoming Drum! events:

Drum! Community Drum Circle

Date: December 19, 2012
Time: Noon-1pm
Location: Music for All headquarters located just off of Meridian St. inside Historic Union Station (Cadillac Ranch entrance).
Cost: Free! Join us for holiday cookies and coffee.

Watch video from Music for All's Drum!:

What is a Drum Circle?

MFA Sponsor Remo, Inc. says:

According to Mickey Hart: “The Drum Circle is a huge jam session. The ultimate goal is not precise rhythmic articulation or perfection of patterned structure, but the ability to entrain and reach the state of a group mind. It is built on cooperation in the groove, but with little reference to any classic styles. So this is a work in constant progress, a phenomenon of the new rhythm culture emerging here in the West.” 

In the words of Arthur Hull: “The Community Drum Circle is a fun, entry-level learning experience that is accessible to anyone who wants to participate. Drum Circle participants express themselves collectively by using a chorus of tuned drums, percussion, and vocals to create a musical song together while having a great time.”

MFA's Drum! initiative will continue monthly on the third Wednesday of each month until February 2013.

MFA will partner with Bongo Boy Music School to provide instruments for participants. Come and enjoy the chance to make music over your lunch hour! This is a free opportunity to let loose, relax, have fun, and use the power of music and hands-on drumming to elevate your mood and build community – all during your lunchtime in the walkable Wholesale District of Indianapolis. Absolutely no experience required - it's as easy as a heartbeat.

This community initiative is possible through generous support from Indianapolis-based LDI, Ltd.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

MFA Fan Network: Video Online

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 The MFA Fan Network is your source for Bands of America Championship video online. Options include:

Plus Subscription $59.00 

Access to All Live Webcasts:

  • St Louis Super Regional
  • Atlanta Super Regional
  • San Antonio Super Regional
  • Indianapolis Super Regional
  • Grand National Prelims
  • Grand National Semi-Finals
  • Grand National Finals
  • Plus Basic access: On demand, post-event video of all Bands of America Regional, Super Regional and Grand National performances.

(Expires: 8/31/2012)

Basic Subscription – $39.00

On demand, post-event video of all Bands of America Regional, Super Regional and Grand National Championships performances. (Does not include Live Webcasts.)

(Expires: 8/31/2012)


Live Webcast Pay-Per-View options also available for Super Regionals and Grand Nationals.

(Live only, does not include post-event, on demand access. Live webcast performances can be viewed for 72 hours after the PPV event).

 Subscribe and order Pay Per View at

“I need help.” For technical support and issues connecting to and viewing live webcasts:

We ask and encourage you to use the Live Chat help. Fan Network support staff are online and ready to help during the Live Webcasts. Live Chat help is the quickest way to fix any problems – support staff can analyze your issue while you are online and help you directly. And you won’t miss a moment – Plus subscribers and Pay Per Viewers can access the Live Webcast performances at any point during the event and 72 hours after the event. Rewind, fast forward and watch your favorite band, even if you missed their live performance time. Please do not to call the MFA office for technical help and questions. MFA staff do not have the access nor the technical information to assist with problems and technical issues.

Some of our most Frequently Asked questions

“Why can't I see the webcast right now if I've purchased it?”
The Live Webcast is in real time. Please note the start and ending times for each day's performances at

“I only see a logo on the screen, why don’t I see a band performing?”
Logos and other information will show on the screen between band performances and during breaks.

“How do I view my recent purchases?”
Login to your account at and click on Manage at the top of the screen.

“If I buy the pay-per-view of a live webcast, can I also watch it later on-demand after the event?”
Plus subscribers and Pay Per Viewers can access the live webcast performances for 72 hours following the purchased live webcast event. After 72 hours, you must have an MFA Fan Network Basic or Plus subscription to view the performances on demand.

“How do I purchase the live webcast?”
You can access the live webcast as an MFA Fan Network Plus Subscriber ($59 for the year, also includes all BOA events, on-demand, post event), or by purchasing each event’s live webcast as pay-per-view (live only, does not include on-demand, post event). Subscribe or order pay-per-view at

“Does the subscription include all BOA Regionals, live webcasts, Super Regionals, Grand Nationals?”
The Plus subscription ($59) includes all Super Regional and Grand Nationals live webcasts, plus all Regionals, Super Regionals and Grand Nationals on-demand (Grand Nationals Finals on-demand is only available to Finals DVD buyers until the DVDs are shipped, then all subscribers have Finals access. Subscribers have access to Grand National Prelims and Semi-Finals on-demand the week following the event.) Basic subscribers have access to all content on demand, post-event.

“How soon after the live webcast will that event’s on-demand content be available?”
On-demand content  for Basic subscribers will be available by mid-week, each week, following that weekend’s event. Plus subscribers and Pay Per Viewers can access the live webcast performances for 72 hours following the purchased live webcast event.

See more extensive FAQs and technical answers on the MFA Fan Network.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tell us your story

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Tell us why you believe in music education!

Tell us why you believe in music education, why you believe in music in our schools, and why you believe in Music for All. Music for All’s mission is to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all. There is no better way to illustrate to communities, administrators and decision-makers about the power and importance of music education than through the stories of those whose lives have been touched by music.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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