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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Vandoren JUNO Reeds for Young Players

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junoreedsVandoren has been the preferred reed of professionals since 1905. However, during much of this time beginning students have often had to resort to inexpensive, lower quality reeds to save money. With Vandoren's introduction of JUNO reeds in recent years, beginning students are finally able to enjoy that trademark, unparalleled Vandoren quality from their first note at an affordable student price.

Designed specifically for beginners, Vandoren JUNO reeds provide young players with everything they need to hit the ground running – immediate response, easy articulation, and a warm, round sound that is easy to control right from the start. Instead of fighting against their reeds, JUNO allows kids to do what they want to do most – PLAY!

"I asked my students to close their eyes while I changed their reed back and forth from JUNO to our former student reed. Not only could I tell a huge sound difference with JUNO, but my students could hear it and preferred them too! Their sound is so much clearer and cleaner with JUNO!" – Ashley Mayer, Beginning and Middle School Band Director.

Vandoren is keenly aware of musical needs ranging from beginners through professionals and for that reason is extremely proud to offer a full product line. Most students will begin with JUNO and move to professional Vandoren reeds as they develop. JUNO reeds are available for Bb and bass clarinets as well as alto and tenor saxophones.

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