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Erin Fortune
Erin Fortune is the Director of Sponsorships at Music for All and has been working with Music for All since 2010, first in the Participant Relations department, followed by the marketing department as Marketing Manager, and is now in advancement. She is a graduate of the Music Industry Management program at Ferris State University in Michigan and is a former Percussive Arts Society Intern and a Yamaha Corporation of America, Band and Orchestral Division Intern.

2016 HOFMusic for All President and CEO, Eric L. Martin, Frank Bischoff, Former President and CEO Scott McCormick, and Frank Troyka

Music for All inducted two new members into the Bands of America Hall of Fame: Frank Bischoff and Frank Troyka. These new members were inducted on Saturday, March 10th in a ceremony at the Gala Awards Banquet at the Music for All National Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Bands of America Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have had a positively life-changing impact on Music for All’s Bands of America programs and music education. 2016 inductees were announced during the opening ceremonies of the 2015 Bands of America Grand National Championships, presented by Yamaha, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. They will be permanently recognized in the Bands of America Hall of Fame at Music for All’s Indianapolis headquarters, along with all the BOA Hall of Fame members inducted since the first in 2003.

Frank Bischoff

Frank Bischoff has been one of the most familiar faces of Bands of America for more than four decades, serving as the dean of BOA’s front sideline field and timing and penalty management. Frank has been a contributor through the years in the development and evolution of Bands of America’s show operational rules, as we migrated from a posture of rule enforcement to one that emphasizes smooth operations and field management designed to embrace performance creativity in a safe and fair competitive environment.

Frank is a living encyclopedia of Bands of America rules and an active contributor to the BOA’s Adjudication Handbook rules committee. Through his proactive approach of working with bands to comply with the rules while achieving their creative objectives, Frank has helped transform a “historically “got you” role and approach to one that embraces and actualizes our “positively life-changing experience” attitude, and environment.

Frank has been on the field for more than 150 Bands of America Regional and Grand National events, logging more than 2,500 hours of on-field service in support of BOA and the pageantry arts in America. Beyond Bands of America, Frank has also loaned his services and expressed his passion for the marching arts to drum and bugle corps shows and color guard competitions. While he gladly served all over the Midwest for drum corps and color guard contests (including Winter Guard International) in the late 70's and 80's, Frank’s passion has always been for band through his association with Bands of America events (since 1976), the Illinois State University “Band Day” (since 1977), and the Lake Park “Lancer Joust” (since 1981).


Frank Troyka

Frank Troyka began his career in 1984 as an assistant band director in Richardson, Texas’ Forest Meadow Junior High School and Lake Highlands High School. In 1991, Frank moved to Houston where he taught in the Spring ISD serving as assistant director to Philip Geiger at Westfield High School. In 1999 Frank joined the faculty of Cypress Falls High School in the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD as its Director of Bands. During his year-seven tenure, the Cypress Falls Band was a featured ensemble at The Midwest Clinic, the Music For All National Festival, and was the recipient of the Sudler Flag of Honor. Frank moved back to Richardson in the summer of 2006 when he assumed the role of Director of Bands and Coordinator of Fine Arts at L.V. Berkner High School.

A teacher for over 30 years, Frank Troyka has been a part of and served Bands of America in almost every capacity possible. He has been a participating director in our Fall and Spring events and sent dozens of students to our national and regional summer camp and leadership experiences. He has been a clinician at the Summer Symposium, led the Symposium’s Marching Band track, and served on the staff of each Bands of America’s Honor Bands in the Tournament of Roses Parade. He has also demonstrated his support and passion for the organization with volunteer service on the Bands of America Fall Programming Advisory Committee. From 1997 to 1998, Frank was Bands of America’s Director of Events, bringing educator supportive initiatives and approaches to our operating model. Frank coordinated Bands of America’s first European Honor Band experience, leading more than 70 students, faculty, chaperones and guests on a tour that included performances in France, The Netherlands, Germany and the World Association for Symphonic Bands & Ensemble (WASBE) conference in Austria.

Since retiring in 2014, Mr. Troyka has been a clinician for the Wind Bands Association of Singapore, The Midwest Clinic and an active lecturer and clinician, presenting annual student leadership workshops in Texas and across the nation.

The 2016 William D. Revelli Scholarship was awarded to Emma Fell of Thompson High School in Alabaster, Alabama on Saturday, March 10th during the Gala Awards Banquet at the Music for All National Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana.

2016 Revelli Winner
Music for All Annual Fund Manager Gregg Puls and scholarship winner Emma Fell

This annual scholarship of $1,000 was created in memory of Dr. William D. Revelli, one of America’s finest and most accomplished conductors, to help one graduating high school senior each year that is performing at the Music for All National Festival study music education at the university level. Each recipient is chosen based upon his or her academic, musical and community service accomplishments, a personal essay written about music education and a nomination from a his or her band director.

Fell is a three-time Honor Band of America member, has been selected for numerous honor bands, district bands, and All State bands. She is the principle horn player for the Thompson High School Wind Ensemble, a section leader for the Marching Southern Sounds, and has even taught herself how to play clarinet to a grade 3 level.

Since each recipient must intend to pursue a degree in music education, this scholarship has become an extension of Music for All’s mission to create, provide, and expand positively live-changing experiences through music for all. Music for All also offers opportunities for students, parents, and directors to perform and improve their musical and leadership skills through its workshops, competitions, festivals, and honor ensembles.

Music for All will continue to offer this scholarship in future years and encourages all qualifying students to apply. The application for next year’s scholarship will be released in late 2016.

SpartanStadiumSan Jose University, Spartan Stadium

Due to final stadium schedules, Music for All is announcing important schedule changes for both of the California Bands of America Regional Championships.

The Southern California Regional, which was originally scheduled for October 22, is moving to October 29 and will once again be held in Long Beach at Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The Northern California Regional, which was originally scheduled for October 29 is moving to October 22 and will be held at Spartan Stadium at San Jose State University, a new venue for this regional.

We believe these date changes are necessary so that Music for All can operate both events in venues that are of the quality that Bands of America and Music for All strive to offer those we serve.

There are still opportunities for bands to enroll in either show. You can view the full fall schedule here.

Honor Band in the Rose Parade - Student Mailings

Mailings for the 2021 Honor Band in the Rose Parade will be sent out to students periodically after their application has been successfully accepted.

Please take a look through the 2017 mailings to learn what to expect. For more information about the 2021 Trip, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 


2017 Final Mailing

A final letter as well as the Important Event Procedures Document and the final schedule were sent to all student and parent emails on 12/21/16.


2017 Initial Mailing

Forms are due back April 1, 2016 along with the 1st Student Payment.

Student Housing Registration will be through the Bands of America Honor Band Housing Registration site. Upon filling out the information and submitting the registration, both the student and the parent will receive two emails. One email is a registration confirmation email with important information; please keep this for your records. The second email will contain the Consent Form that will need to be read through, printed, and signed by both the student and parent and sent back to Music for All either by email, fax or mail.

  • Student Housing Registration
  • Consent Form (Sent via email after registration is complete)
  • Participant General Information
  • Student Packing List
  • Schedule of Deadlines
  • Code of Conduct
  • Medical and Emergency Contact Form
    Please send with a Front and Back copy of your medical insurance card.
  • Uniform Measurement Form
  • Fundraising Tool Kit
  • Fundraising Pin Advance Order Form (Due by November 1, 2016)
  • Fundraising Donation Request Sample Letter Template
  • Fundraising Sponsor Thank You Letter Template
  • Physical Fitness Video
  • Press Release Template
  • Uniform Purchase Order - OPTIONAL
  • Drum Major Application- CLOSED as of 7/18/2016
  • Family and Friends Package Registration CLOSED
  • Chaperone Application and Background Check Form CLOSED
  • Travel Arrangements Form
  • Early Departure Form
  • Special Meals Request
  • Percussion: Rehearsal Travel/Housing/Shuttle Form- Due September 1, 2016
  • Parade Unit Release/Waiver Agreement
  • Gala Banquet (Closing) Dinner Order Form- Due December 1, 2016
  • Merchandise Order Form


Monday, February 29, 2016

Camp Faculty Profile: Taylor Watts

This is the first edition of a new series on our blog that we hope you'll find both fun and interesting! Each week we will highlight a new MFA Summer Symposium faculty member. 

Welcome to the very first edition of the Camp Faculty Profile series! Today I'd like to introduce you to Taylor Watts. This year will be Taylor's first year as an official faculty member on the BOA Drum Major Institute staff, but he is certainily no stranger to the MFA Summer Symposium! Taylor has experienced camp as a student, a SWAG team member, a Directors' Track Assistant, and now this year he is joining the ranks of our amazing faculty. We know Taylor will be a wealth of knowledge for all of those who are planning on participating in the BOA Drum Major Institute this year. Let's dive into getting to know Taylor, I hope you enjoy reading his responses as much as I did! 


Name: Taylor Watts

Camp Division: Drum Major Institute

Home Town: Kennesaw, GA

Current Location: Marietta, GA

Favorite Things About Being A Teacher:
I love watching students grow as human beings – learning to treat others with love and respect, to develop and pursue their passions, and to grapple with the inner workings of their own person. I definitely consider myself blessed to witness (and sometimes impact) the transformation of so many people during some of the most formative years of their lives.

Why do you like to come to the MFA Summer Symposium each year:
Having experienced the camp as a student, SWAG team member, Director Track Assistant, and now staff member, one thing always holds true of my time spent at Summer Symposium – no other place in my life challenges and supports me in being the best version of myself that I can possibly be like MFA. As Jamie Weaver, one of the SWAG team coordinators, always poses to our group: “We come here every summer to be who we are truly meant to be.”

What would you say to a student who was thinking about possibly coming to camp?
Take the leap, and bring any friend you care about! Camp will challenge you and provide opportunities that most people never have the chance to experience. The lessons and relationships that you’ll find here have the potential to change you in ways that you’d never imagine – they can truly change the entire course of your life!

Most memorable moment/interaction at camp?
Despite now serving as a staff member, I think my most cherished memory at camp still stems from my time as a student. I’ll certainly never forget my last evening together standing in the auditorium with my drum major squad embracing and shedding a few tears as we reminisced on several outstandingly life-changing years spent at this camp.

Funniest thing that has happened at camp?
It may be a bit silly, but I always enjoyed participating in the “everyday camp preparation” skit that the SWAG team puts on with Norm Ruebling. The crowd always got a kick out of our ridiculous outfits and choreography that we put together to over-accentuate our points – not to mention how difficult it was to hold a static pose in our crazy get-ups without laughing myself!

Favorite spot on Ball State's campus?
I love spending time under the bell tower, particularly in the evening. It’s such a beautiful structure.

What book are you reading right now?
Most of the books on my shelf right now have titles like The Five Love Languages and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work as I prepare for my quickly approaching wedding. Normally, however, I enjoy reading philosophy, psychology, and science articles, with the occasional high fantasy novel to spice things up.

What are you listening to right now?
Over the last few years I’ve gotten into primarily acoustic music to the tune of Nickel Creek, Fiction Family, and Mumford and Sons. I love the stories and sounds and am always impressed by the technical virtuosity of their more bluegrass-style songs.

What is ONE thing you recommend a student do at camp?
Normally I would suggest that students get outside their comfort zones and reach out to develop relationships with other campers (which they should ABSOLUTELY still do), but I have to say, as teacher as it sounds, I recommend HUGELY that all students write down every bit of wisdom that they hear during their conversations at camp (both with the staff and other students). Going back through my old binders of notes always inspires and reenergizes me, even years later – sometimes some of the truths sink in even deeper later in time.

What made you decide to be a teacher?
Truth be told, I had originally planned to go into psychology – my driving passion has always been helping people become better versions of themselves. Fortunately, a wise mentor of mine (coincidentally, a band director – go figure!) enlightened me to the opportunity for a wider spread audience over a longer period of time, and so I became a teacher!

What do you wish other people knew about the Summer Symposium?
Most camps provide students with entertaining and exciting experiences, but few other places challenge students to grow in their very being like Summer Symposium. I can certainly attest that you’ll leave camp a much stronger, bolder, and more compassionate person than you came.

What do you do when you aren't teaching at the Summer Symposium?
During the few moments that I’m not teaching or planning to teach (few and far between!), I love spending my time pushing myself physically. Most recently, this has taken the form of obstacle course races (Spartan Races, the Tough Mudder, the Warrior Dash, etc.), skydiving, and snowboarding trips!


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Friday, February 26, 2016

Brackets for Good: Round 1


All of us at Music for All are extremely excited that we are one of 64 nonprofits selected to participate in the Brackets for Good competition in Indianapolis!

Every March, Brackets for Good hosts an online, bracket-style fundraising tournaments in philanthropic communities around the United States. Participating nonprofit organizations compete to out fundraise their opponents, earn increased exposure, and have a chance to win $10,000 from a generous corporate sponsor.

Brackets for Good Overview

Not only is Brackets for Good a really fun way to fundraise, we are excited about learning more about other nonprofit organizations in our community. And of course, we hope people learn a little bit more about us as well!

The tournament is broken down into the following rounds:

First Round: February 26th – March 4th
Second Round: March 4th – March 11th
Supported Sixteen: March 11th – March 18th
Engaged Eight: March 18th – March 25th
Philanthropic Four: March 25th – March 29th
Championship: March 29th - April 1st

Basically every $1 raised equals a point. Two nonprofits go up against each other, and the nonprofit who raises the most money will advance to the next round! You can see the official bracket here:

Please consider supporting Music for All 

Since this is our first year, we aren't completely sure what to expect. But we are excited to have the opportunity to participate and raise some funds to help give scholarships to students to attend our summer camp, the Music for All Summer Symposium this June at Ball State University. 

Music for All has been providing positively life-changing experiences at its summer camp for 40 years. It’s “America’s Camp:” the national summer learning experience for band and orchestra students, and teachers. We bring together the best faculty, exciting concerts and events, and students from band and orchestra programs from coast-to-coast who share a love of music-making, performance, and student leadership.

Last year 86 full scholarships and 50 partial scholarships were given out for the Summer Symposium. Only 11% of students in 2015 received any type of financial assistance. With your help, we can make camp possible for even more students in 2016! No donation amount is too small. Just think how many dollars could be raised if everyone who has been touched by music, gave up one Starbucks latte this week. The impact would truly be incredible.

Some of our 2015 Music for All Summer Symposium Scholarship Recipients

The competition begins at 8:00 PM (EST) on Friday, February 26th. Round One will begin at this time, and end at 8:00 PM (EST) on Friday, March 4th.

Click here to donate to Music for All in the Brackets for Good competition!


facility main bbt

Music for All has rescheduled the Bands of America Regional Championship that was scheduled for October 8 in North Carolina for October 15, at Wake Forest University.

We'll return with a BOA Championship at Wake Forest for the third consecutive year. The date was originally published as October 8, but after the recent release of Wake Forest's football schedule and home game on that date, the NC Championship was moved to October 15, still at Wake Forest, a date which BOA had on hold.

The Bands of America Championship at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, NC is now confirmed, for October 15. 2016.

We hope to see you at the 2016 Bands of America Regional Championship at Winston-Salem, NC on October 15th.

View Full Fall Schedule here.

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Honor Band of America

2016 Honor Band of America, part of the Music for All National Festival

2016 Music for All National Festival
March 9-12, Indianapolis, IN

11 Floyd RichardRichard Floyd
Conductor, 2016 Honor Band of America
State Director of Music (ret.), University of Texas at Austin Music Director, Austin Symphonic Band

2015 concert will include:

Frank Ticheli – Dancing on Water
Joel Puckett – Avelynn’s Lullaby
Ron Nelson – Aspen Jubilee
Aaron Copland/arr. Walter Beeler – Lincoln Portrait
John Mackey – Ringmaster March

2016 Honor Band Members:


Christine Barham - Franklin H.S., TN
Evan Curatolo - Lincoln Way North H.S., IL
Emily Elmore - Manatee H.S., FL
Madison Fanning - J.M. Hanks H.S., TX
Brandon Lee - Mount Eden H.S., CA
Michelle Liu - Northview H.S., GA
Katie Riley - Avon H.S., IN
Bailey Southard - Charleston County School of the Arts, SC
Lauren Wood - Hillgrove H.S., GA


Madison McGregor - Upland H.S., CA
Burke Mounts - Wando H.S., SC
Lian Remley - Shades Valley H.S., AL
Ana Sofia Uzsoy - North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, NC


Samuel Bray - Leander H.S., TX
Adella Carlson - Nonnewaug H.S., CT
Maya Davis - Highland H.S., IN
Ryan Fisher - Franklin H.S., TN
Sachina Hobo - John Hersey H.S., IL
Mieri Kim - Centerville H.S., OH
Faith Kirkpatrick - Hillgrove H.S., GA
Dory Li - North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, NC
Stephen Li - North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, NC
Michael Puetz - Oconomowoc H.S., WI
Joshua Scarborough - Athens Drive H.S., NC
Lauren Slay - Ridgeland H.S., MS
Isaac Torres - Bullard H.S., CA
Matthew Wang - Hamilton H.S., AZ
Maggie Watts - North Lincoln H.S., NC
Stacey Xiang - Ravenwood H.S., TN
Rhianna Zaidan - Vestavia Hills H.S., AL

Bass Clarinet

Scott Allen - Mountain View H.S., AZ
Adam Cordero - Herricks H.S., NY
Daniel McClure - Liberty H.S., CO
Nicholas Moyer - Clovis North H.S., CA


Sarah Gibes - Warren Township H.S., IL
Brock Nutter - Norris H.S., NE
Kirk Peterson - Apex H.S., NC
Alexander Zhang - Canyon Crest Academy, CA

French Horn

Emma Fell - Thompson H.S., AL
Michael Johnson - Vestavia Hills H.S. , AL
Steven Locastro - Thompson H.S., AL
Paul Merkamp - Northeastern H.S., IN
Adam Ruble - Columbus North H.S., IN
Brandon Tibbitts - Hamilton Southeastern H.S., IN
Hannah Shea - Long Reach H.S., MD
Kelsey Moore - Sullivan H.S., MO
Adam Julian - Centerville H.S., OH
Jenna Montes - William Mason H.S., OH
Sarah Yarbrough - Klein Oak H.S., TX


Kimberly Blaha - Tomball Memorial H.S., TX
Kane Feltner - Troy H.S., OH
Peter Koury - Madison Central H.S., KY
Minsoo Shin - Rancho Bernardo H.S., CA
Elizabeth Truckey - Roncalli Catholic H.S., WI
Noah Zoller - Olathe North H.S., KS


Joe Ardovino - Thompson H.S., AL
Will Basco - Wando H.S., SC
Eva Bayliss - Grove City Christian School, OH
Austin Broadway - Hebron H.S., TX
Abby Duncan - Hilliard Bradley H.S., OH
Steven Garcia - Cypress Creek H.S., TX
Nicholas Gustafson - Dutch Fork H.S., SC
Brianna Imgruet - Downers Grove South H.S., IL
Clifton Little - Wylie East H.S., TX
Timothy Tucker - Wake Forest H.S., NC
Kyle Tellez - Alexander W. Dreyfoos Schools of the Arts, FL
Thomas Vines - Ravenwood H.S., TN


Christopher Bradley - Parkview Baptist School, LA
Joseph Diaz - Oak Ridge H.S., CA
Alan Fletcher, Jr. - duPont Manual H.S./Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Brett Galey - Troy H.S., OH
Spencer Hawkins - Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Connor Hoverman - McComb H.S., OH
Christopher Johnson - Riverdale H.S., TN
Jaewoo Lee - Saratoga H.S., CA
Michael Neufeld - Clovis North H.S., CA
Chanson Peck - Dobson H.S., AZ
David Seder - Paul Laurence Dunbar H.S., KY


Daniel Agramonte - George Walton Comprehensive H.S., GA
Jason Donnelly - Paul J. Hagerty H.S., FL
Troy Moeller - Sunlake H.S., FL
Nestor Pelayo - Lincoln Southwest H.S., NE


Bridget Conley - Charleston County School of the Arts, SC
Justin Cooper - Madison Central Highschool, KY
Ethan Millington - Norris H.S., NE
Travis Sanders - Paul Laurence Dunbar H.S., KY
David Stein - Morristown H.S., NJ
Christopher Wyllie - Maple Mountain H.S., UT


Phil Barrett - Ravenwood H.S., TN
Branden Bienz - Blue Valley H.S., KS
Maddy Dethloff - Lawrence Free State H.S., KS
Nathan Juarez - Permian H.S., TX
Reilly McLean - Kell H.S., GA
Griffin Miller - Andrew W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, FL
Tyler Primeaux - The Colony H.S., TX
Travis Rowland - Dobson H.S., AZ
Jakob Schoenfeld - Paul J. Hagerty H.S., FL
Christopher Wu - Northwood H.S., CA

Apply for 2016

Past Honor Band of America Members

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Honor Orchestra of America

2016 Honor Orchestra of America, part of the Music for All National Festival

2016 Music for All National Festival
March 9-12, Indianapolis, IN

larrylivingstonLarry Livingston
2016 Conductor
Chair, Conducting Department Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California
sey ahnSey Ahn
Assistant Conductor  






2016 Program includes:

Giuseppe Verdi – Nabucco Overture
Carl Maria von Weber – Oberon Overture
Gustav Mahler – Symphony No. 1 in D major, Movement 4

2016 Honor Orchestra Members


Mikayla Chan - Herricks H.S., NY
Annette Chang - Woodbridge H.S., CA
Maia Chua - The Masters School, NY
Rachel Hollis - Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Kevin Kim - North Gwinnett H.S. , GA
Andrew Lewis - Avon H.S., IN
Spencer Metcalf - James B. Conant H.S., IL
Orliana Morag - LaGuardia H.S., NY
Andrew Nguyen - Avon H.S., IN
Ashley Park - Arnold O. Beckman H.S., CA
Jennifer Park - Arnold O. Beckman H.S., CA
Kyle Qian - Centennial H.S., GA
Holly Radford - Dos Pueblos H.S., CA
Patrick Roberts - North Cobb H.S., GA
Zoe Screwvala - Hunter College H.S., NY
Mary Pauline Sheridan-Rabideau - Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Bryant So - Rampart H.S., CO
Cayleigh Stewart - duPont Manual/Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Gene Tanaka - Palisades Charter H.S., CA
Thompson Wang - Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences, CA
Jessica Ling Yan - Dulaney H.S., MD
Isaac Yoo - Arnold O. Beckman H.S., CA
Alice Zheng - Brookfield Central H.S., WI
Julia Zhong - Hunter College H.S., NY


Atlee Daniel - Homeschooled, TX
Whitney Larson - Avon H.S., IN
Ethan Nell - Homeschooled, FL
Francis Ramas - Smith - CyWoods H.S., TX
Sergio Robert-Kim - Clements H.S., TX
Adam Savage - Homeschooled, FL
Priscilla Tsai - Northwood H.S., CA
Nicole Walters - Colburn Music School, CA
Alice Yoon - Fishers H.S., IN


Michael Berg - City H.S., IA
Danielle Davis - Baldwin Senior H.S., NY
Allie Kreitman - University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, IL
Jaebok Lee - Harvard-Westlake School, CA
Seri Lee - Vernon Hills H.S., IL
Gregory Llewellyn - Dwight Englewood School and Manhattan School of Music, NJ
Daniel Paik - Northwood H.S., CA
Megan Savage - Homeschooled, FL
Max Walters - Gabrielino H.S., CA
Alexander Wemmie - West Senior H.S., IA


Zoe Hood - Alan C. Pope H.S., GA
Joseph Lee - The Loomis Chaffee School, CA
Eric Nakamoto - Hamilton H.S., AZ
Pablo Ocampo - Gulliver Preparatory, FL
Shane Savage - Homeschooled, FL
Isaiah Ward - Lawrence Central H.S., IN
Daniel Woo - Irvine H.S., CA


Alison Addie - duPont Manual H.S./Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Daniel Chen - Montgomery Blair H.S., MD
Michael Huerta - James Bowie H.S., TX
Jessica Shand - Discovery Canyon Campus H.S., CO


Andres Ayola - LaGuardia H.S./Manhattan School of Music, NY
Nathania Hartojo - Temple City H.S., CA
Anatole Storck - Wando H.S., SC
Amelia Wingard - Wando H.S., SC


Andres Bryan - Cypress Creek H.S., TX
Marissa Johnson - Avon H.S., IN
Cynthia Liu - Montgomery Blair H.S., MD


Harrison Cody - Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, FL
Kody Harrington - Hebron H.S., TX
Kenny Wang - Whippany Park H.S., NJ


Brian Boydston - Keller H.S., TX
Shuzo Kayatama - Fort Lee H.S./Manhattan School of Music
Mauricio Mondragon - Stephen F. Austin H.S, TX
Jacey Rosengren - Marcus H.S., TX
Luke Schwerer - Oconomowoc H.S., WI


Justin Ellena - Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, FL
Matt Gorman - Cypress Creek H.S., TX
Aimy McCrosky - West Stokes H.S., NC
William Melancon - New Iberia Senior H.S., LA
Ashlyn Pugh - Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX
Madison Ray - D. W. Daniel H.S., SC
Brady Zeller - Avon H.S., IN


Christian Boletchek - Green Hope H.S., NC
Katie Franke - JEB Stuart H.S., VA
Noah Roper - Aledo H.S., TX


Matthew Baker - Athens Drive H.S., NC


Daniel Gratz - duPont Manual/Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Brandon Lim - Cypress Ridge H.S., TX
Caleb Paust - Homeschooled, FL
Maxwell Thompson - Youth Performing Arts School, KY
Jake Wohleb - James Bowie H.S., TX

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Jazz Band of America

2016 Jazz Band of America part of the Music for All National Festival

2016 Music for All National Festival
March 9-12, Indianapolis, IN

michael mossman photo
Michael Philip Mossman
2016 Conductor
Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College, Yamaha Performing Artist
Steve Wilson
Guest Artist
Yamaha Performing Artist

Jazz Band of America 2016 Concert

Friday, March 11, 2016
8:30 p.m.
Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University



2016 Jazz Band of America Members:

Alto Saxophone
Kyle Schroeder - J.W. Mitchell H.S., FL
Austin Zhang - Plano West H.S., TX

Tenor Saxophone
Andrew Golub - Smithtown H.S. West, NY
Rico Jones - Denver School of the Arts, CO

Baritone Saxophone
Zach Gross - Liberty H.S., TX

Ethan Chilton - Golden Valley H.S., CA
Zachary Davis - Saint Ann's School, NY
Eric Gonzalez - Osceola County School for the Arts, FL
Erik Ondrejko - Denver School of the Arts, CO
Aiden Thieme - Northgate H.S., CA

Tyler Bonilla - Osceola County School for the Arts, FL
Wyatt Forhan - Saint Dominic H.S., MO
Jonah Paquette - Charleston County School of the Arts, SC
Stephan Tenney - Charleston County School of the Arts, SC

Jan Knutson - Eleanor Roosevelt H.S., MD

Sam Towse - Friends Academy, NY

Philip Norris - Wake Forest H.S., NC

Christian McGhee - Westminster Christian Academy, MO

Jacob Britton - Osceola County School for the Arts, FL