Debbie Laferty Asbill
Debbie Laferty Asbill

Posted Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 5:09 p.m. local time

Due to incoming severe weather, Music for All has canceled Finals for the Bands of America Regional at Jacksonville, AL.

The decision was made with input from the participating directors, after discussing options, for the safety and well-being of our participants and spectators.

Music for All's official policy for Bands of America events is that tickets are non-refundable. If extraordinary circumstances cause the cancellation of an event, Music for All may offer full or partial refunds as appropriate at a later time. Please keep your ticket stub and visit next week for further information on possible refunds. Refunds are not available on site.

Many Texas school fine arts programs have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and while school districts are working to help them recover, some immediate needs still exist. Music for All, Texas Music Educators Association, and a number of Texas fine arts organizations want students in these affected programs to have the resources they need to fully experience a well-rounded education that includes the arts, and we don’t want them to have to wait. You can help bring back the arts.

How You Can Help

Please view the Help Requests and find programs you can support. Even if you don’t have the specific items requested, perhaps there is another way you can help them recover.


In conjunction with other state arts education organizations listed below, the Texas Music Educators Association developed this website to be a central registry where arts programs affected by Hurricane Harvey can post their immediate program needs so that individuals and organizations around our state and nation can respond directly to them. As program needs are met, the lists will be updated. Please share this website with your friends, family, and community so we can expand the network of help and resolve every identified need.

Fine Arts Education Associations:

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Clarksville, TN 2017 Results

Finals Results

77.65 - Castle H.S., IN
75.05 - Franklin H.S., TN
74.50 - North Hardin, KY
73.55 - Adair County H.S., KY
71.15 - Ft. Zumwalt North H.S., MO
68.55 - Central Hardin H.S., KY
68.30 - Clinton H.S., MS
67.60 - DeSoto Centra H.S., MS
66.80 - Siegel H.S., TN
64.85 - Belleville East H.S., IL
64.05 - Paragould H.S., AR

Outstanding Music Performance - Castle H.S., IN
Outstanding Visual Performance - Castle H.S., IN
Outstanding General Effect - Castle H.S., IN

Prelims Results

Class A
1st - Adair County H.S., KY
2nd - Saint James School, AL

Outstanding Music Performance - Adair County H.S., KY
Outstanding Visual Performance - Adair County H.S., KY
Outstanding General Effect - Adair County H.S., KY

Class AA
1st - North Hardin H.S., KY
2nd - Ft. Zumwalt North H.S., MO
3rd - Clinton H.S., MS

Outstanding Music Performance - North Hardin H.S., KY
Outstanding Visual Performance - North Hardin H.S., KY
Outstanding General Effect - North Hardin H.S., KY

Class AAA
1st - Castle H.S., IN
2nd - Franklin H.S., TN
3rd - Siegel H.S., TN

Outstanding Music Performance - Castle H.S., IN
Outstanding Visual Performance - Castle H.S., IN
Outstanding General Effect - Castle H.S., IN

Class AAAA
1st - Belleville East H.S., IL
2nd - Fayetteville H.S., AR

Outstanding Music Performance - Belleville East H.S., IL
Outstanding Visual Performance - Fayetteville H.S., AR & Belleville East H.S., IL
Outstanding General Effect - Belleville East H.S., IL

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Toledo, OH 2017 Results

Finals Results

75.55 - Homestead H.S., IN
74.40 - William Mason H.S., OH
71.20 - Centerville H.S., OH
70.75 - Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, MI
70.50 - Jenison H.S., MI
67.25 - Lake Central H.S., IN
66.05 - Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI
65.80 - Morton H.S., IL
64.05 - Lakota West H.S., OH
63.10 - Miamisburg H.S., OH

Outstanding Music Performance - Homestead H.S., IN
Outstanding Visual Performance - William Mason H.S., OH
Outstanding General Effect - Homestead H.S., IN

Prelims Results

Class A
1st - Norwell H.S., IN
2nd - Norton H.S., OH
3rd - Bellbrook H.S., OH

Outstanding Music Performance - Norwell H.S., IN
Outstanding Visual Performance - Norton H.S., OH
Outstanding General Effect - Norwell H.S., IN

Class AA
1st - Jenison H.S., MI
2nd - Morton H.S., IL
3rd - Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI

Outstanding Music Performance - Jenison H.S., MI
Outstanding Visual Performance - Reeths-Puffer H.S., MI
Outstanding General Effect - Jenison H.S., MI

Class AAA
1st - Miamisburg H.S., OH
2nd - Walled Lake Central H.S., MI
3rd - Northmont H.S., OH

Outstanding Music Performance - Miamisburg H.S., OH
Outstanding Visual Performance - Miamisburg H.S., OH
Outstanding General Effect - Miamisburg H.S., OH

Class AAAA
1st - Homestead H.S., IN
2nd - William Mason H.S., OH
3rd - Centerville H.S., OH

Outstanding Music Performance - William Mason H.S., OH
Outstanding Visual Performance - William Mason H.S., OH
Outstanding General Effect - William Mason H.S., OH

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Spend the Day with BOA Bundle

Special Bundle: Friday Prelims Ticket + Leadership Workshop – Just $35 per person.

Part of the Bands of America Grand National Championships, presented by Yamaha
Indianapolis, IN

Order by Oct. 31, 2018 for this special bundle price.

The bundle includes one Friday prelims ticket plus the Friday evening Student Leadership Workshop with the one-and-only Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser for the special price of $35. Regular price for Friday ticket is $25, full price for Leadership Workshop is $35 – that’s a $60 value for just $35!

Order Form coming soon


Leadership Workshop with Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser
Friday, November 9, 2018
Downtown Indianapolis

For Student Leaders: this powerful leadership workshop is hard-hitting, based on life-skills, and certain to make a measurable contribution to the health and welfare of your band. For section leaders, band officers, drum majors – students in positions of leadership, and who aspire to be leaders of their bands – and in life.


Grand National Friday Prelims
Friday features half of our 110 Bands of America Grand National bands in all-day prelims competition (Prelims begins Thursday).

Event Schedule
Friday, November 9, 2018

7:00 a.m. (Start time tentative) – Band performances begin

5:00 – 7:00 p.m. – Leadership Workshop with Tim Lautzenheiser

9:30 p.m. – Competing band performances conclude (Tentative, pending final schedule)

9:45 p.m. – Patrick John Hughes Parent/Booster Award Presentation (Tentative, pending final schedule)

10:00 p.m. – Prelims Awards Ceremony, followed by Announcement of Semi-Finalists (Tentative, pending final schedule)

Plus an exhibition performance by the Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band on Friday evening!

Arrive on your schedule, stay as long as you like. Your bundle ticket and leadership registration is good for the full day and evening of performances.

Band performance schedule will be published one month prior to the event.

2017 March DSI MFA Newsletter adRifles and sabres are embedded in the history of color guard and the tradition of using them in performances is as old as the sport itself. However, due to events in recent years, many schools have banned all weapon-looking items from school grounds. This poses a new challenge for the color guard and their equipment.

DSI has introduced a new twirling prop called the Arc1 that spins and is balanced like a traditional rifle but doesn’t have the traditional rifle look. The Arc1 features no rifle bolt or strap and is contoured for a more unique look. 

The Arc1 is also accepted at all schools so you can feel comfortable that your students are compliant with school regulations.

Created by Director’s Showcase International (DSI) the Arc1 is available now through any authorized DSI retailer. For more information about the Arc1 or DSI please visit:

MTC Editorial Photo

In celebration of its 30-year anniversary, Music Travel (MTC) has created a brand-new, state-of-the-art travel design experience. Just as a Director assembles a “Design Team” to help create, score and coordinate a marching show for competition, MTC has assembled an industry leading “Travel Design Team” to provide you a powerful, comprehensive and customized travel experience like never before.Our new Design Studio is home to the MTC Design Team, comprised of Travel Designers who are musicians and teachers, intimately familiar with the intricacies of music group travel. MTC’s Travel Designers are travel industry experts, committed to

Our new Design Studio is home to the MTC Design Team, comprised of Travel Designers who are musicians and teachers, intimately familiar with the intricacies of music group travel. MTC’s Travel Designers are travel industry experts, committed to fast turn-around in sharing their expertise and designs with you.

Be a part of the Music Travel Consultants Travel Design Experience. Click on to reach our new Design Studio, to begin collaboration between your team and the MTC Design Team, and to create the perfect trip for your performing group!

ballstate image72dpi

If your students love music, encourage them to discover the world-class education available at Ball State University.

Recognized for its national leadership and innovative programming at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, Ball State’s School of Music can make students real-world ready for a wide range of careers. Students are challenged academically as well as musically, mentored by faculty while they develop their skills, deepen their artistry, and experience all the School of Music has to offer.

Students also can perform with award-winning ensembles, develop recording engineering and songwriting skills, compose music for a variety of performers and media, or prepare to teach in today's music classrooms.

More than a dozen performance groups are open to Ball State students, including the 65-member Ball State Symphony Orchestra, the “Pride of Mid-America” Marching Band, and Ball State Basketball Band. Students can audition for a spot with the Ball State University Singers, or join the Statesmen or Women’s Chorus, open to any singer, no audition required. 

The School of Music offers five majors and eight minors for undergraduates; two master’s degrees; a doctor of arts; an artist diploma; and an undergraduate certificate, graduate certificate, and doctoral secondary area of study in entrepreneurial music.

At Ball State, students can get involved, feed their spirit, ignite their imagination, and set that journey to music. 

Take a virtual tour of the campus.

Learn more by visiting or calling 765-285-5400.

junoreedsVandoren has been the preferred reed of professionals since 1905. However, during much of this time beginning students have often had to resort to inexpensive, lower quality reeds to save money. With Vandoren's introduction of JUNO reeds in recent years, beginning students are finally able to enjoy that trademark, unparalleled Vandoren quality from their first note at an affordable student price.

Designed specifically for beginners, Vandoren JUNO reeds provide young players with everything they need to hit the ground running – immediate response, easy articulation, and a warm, round sound that is easy to control right from the start. Instead of fighting against their reeds, JUNO allows kids to do what they want to do most – PLAY!

"I asked my students to close their eyes while I changed their reed back and forth from JUNO to our former student reed. Not only could I tell a huge sound difference with JUNO, but my students could hear it and preferred them too! Their sound is so much clearer and cleaner with JUNO!" – Ashley Mayer, Beginning and Middle School Band Director.

Vandoren is keenly aware of musical needs ranging from beginners through professionals and for that reason is extremely proud to offer a full product line. Most students will begin with JUNO and move to professional Vandoren reeds as they develop. JUNO reeds are available for Bb and bass clarinets as well as alto and tenor saxophones.

Learn more at

Indy ZooWhether you venture to Indy for Super Regionals or Grand Nationals, here are five new things in store for you and your family in the Circle City.

Magnificent Macaws at The Indianapolis Zoo
A brand new 40,000 sq. ft. Bicentennial Pavilion will become the new home of these brilliant birds. Uncaged, the macaws will dance colorfully through the sky with free reign. During Super Regionals, bring your kids' costumes and trick-or-treat during Halloween ZooBoo.

Circus: Starring You! at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
This colorful, highly interactive exhibit opens up the three rings and the big top to kids of all ages. During Super Regionals, add on a visit to the Children's Museum Guild's Haunted House.

Presidential Pets at the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
Celebrate America's favorite first pets of the past 200 years, from cats to elephants, at the pristinely restored home of our nation's 23rd president.

Chemistry of Color at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
On a beautiful fall day, stroll the colorful foliage decorating the 152 acres of gardens and grounds. Step inside for an incredible collection spanning 5,000 years of history. This temporary exhibit explores how chemistry and art have developed the artist's palette over these five millennia.

Science at Play and The Power of Poison at the Indiana State Museum
Explore how more than 250 chemistry sets and science toys appeal to kids and parents alike, before discovering how toxic species in a remote Colombian forest fight for survival. Two levels of Core Galleries have also been completely revamped to engage visitors like never before.

When are our Bands of America Championships in Indy? See the fall events schedule here.