Laura Blake
Laura Blake
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Music for All Spring 2021 Offerings

Reasons to check out what Music for All has to offer this spring:

Many of us are taxed from online learning. It is an unavoidable situation that has many educators reinventing music classes from the ground up. If you’re craving a taste of “normal" opportunities for your students, Music for All has spring semester educational experiences that can help.

Music for All is offering opportunities for schools to perform live from their home communities and share the amazing things your students are creating with the world. This past fall, participating ensembles in our Live Showcases valued the opportunity to perform this fall sharing scholastic performances from around the country through our online viewing platform. Each performance was broadcast in real time on so families and communities could see what their students were able to accomplish.

Why should I participate?

For many schools, COVID-19 safety guidelines prevent the gathering of an audience to see what great work your students are doing. Music for All’s Live Showcases provide a way to share your performance safely with audience members across the country.

Is it really “live?”


With the same equipment you use to conduct virtual classes, you can stream your performance to Music for All. Music for All can take a stream from your school via phone, tablet, or camera and broadcast it to an audience through This is not a pre-recorded video take. This is live, in the moment.

What are the benefits of a live event?

We think it is important to provide an opportunity for students to get that pre-performance flutter, energy, and experience that only comes with live performance. Plus, you can share this opportunity with parents and community members so that they can enjoy what your students have worked so hard to achieve. Best yet, supporters can watch from their homes in a safe environment.

What if I’m not sure if my ensembles are prepared?

We know that everyone has different restrictions, rehearsal times, number of students, and opportunities. Music for All believes in the importance of sharing your successes – no matter what that looks like this year. This is important not only for your students, but for the community and world to see that music education is alive and students and teachers are working together to do amazing work.

What is the educational value of a live event?

Every ensemble has the opportunity to receive evaluator feedback on their performance opportunity. A panel of three renowned music educators will be selected to provide audio feedback about your group’s performance. They will be watching your performance live as it happens and recording real-time feedback that will be sent to you just a few minutes after your performance is complete.

How much does it cost?

Music for All Live Showcases are $100 for a 15-minute performance opportunity.

Adding performance evaluation brings the total cost to $275 for a 15-minute performance and feedback from three evaluators.

Tickets for spectators are $15 per household or device. Purchasing a “ticket” is the equivalent of purchasing one login, so you can watch solo or as a household.

Enroll your ensemble today at!

I've heard of other Music for All online offerings, what are some of those?

Check out for Remote Feedback Opportunities. Music for All has also been privileged to work with Indiana Music Education Association on their virtual conference in January, and is working the New Jersey educators on their first, virtually-delivered, Solo and Ensemble event this spring. Music for All has developed platform and staffing packages to help states, organizations, and associations delivere online programming. We'd love to talk with others about helping, you can talk to me directly by reaching out to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Grand National Rehearsal Information

Music for All is committed to providing all participants in the Bands of America Grand National Championships thorough and equitable access to indoor rehearsal spaces. Creating, operating, and ensuring the success of large-scale destination events is complex and complicated. Music for All is dedicated to maintaining and operating a transparent system, that keeps our participants informed.

What is the Policy?
All competing and exhibition bands are offered the opportunity to request indoor rehearsal time and space through the joint partnership of Music for All, Music Travel Consultants, and the Indiana Convention Center. The rehearsal space has been set up to allow Music for All to:

• Secure and assure the availability of indoor rehearsal spaces;
• Sufficiently accommodate as many groups as possible who request space

Why manage the space?
Bands of America Grand Nationals is a large scale, “citywide” event that is held in a large and popular convention area such as Indianapolis. The championship utilizes valued community assets (i.e. high-quality indoor stadium and convention space) that exist, in part, for the purpose of attracting visitors (and their spending) in large numbers. As such, Music for All must:

Make the case for and continuously justify our “value” to local communities by:
• Committing Bands of America events to have participation and attendance numbers over and above other potential and competing meetings and events;
• Leveraging the value of proven and sustainable multi-year commitments.
Maintain a fair, equitable, and transparent system that:
• Is consistent with our mission, vision and core values;
• Considers and meets the needs of a spectrum of participants. For example, our system must, as equitably as possible, support the planning needs of bands from Alaska or Hawaii that are making a trip of a lifetime, “Once every 4-year bands” from the West Coast or Texas, as well as semi-annual and annual participants whose decisions are made year to year;
• Allocates finite resources that meet the many and varying needs and preferences of large traveling student groups;
• Avoids providing, or the appearance of providing, unintended bias or preference to regular or experienced past participants; and
• Avoids unmanageable, unsustainable or organizationally threatening fiscal consequences for Music for All.

What is the space offered in the Convention?
Music for All offers three to four rehearsal halls (pending availability) that are each equal to one football field, and marked with yard lines (5 yard increments) traditional high school, NCAA and professional hash markings. Additionally, a limited number of storage rooms are available for group use.

Does Music for All benefit financially from operating rehearsal space? No.
Music for All’s operation of rehearsal space does not provide direct financial support to the related events and generally to the organization and its mission. MFA is a 501(c)(3) authorized “not for profit” organization.

Does it cost Music for All to operating rehearsal space? Yes.
Music for All commits its financial resources into contracting and managing the rehearsal space and process. Costs include rent for rehearsal rooms, storage rooms, medical staffing, security, parking, and personnel to operate the space during Grand Nationals.

Do group travel planners receive priority? No!
Music for All is grateful to have a committed travel partner, Music Travel Consultants, who dedicates staff time and resources to the support of our Mission. Music Travel Consultants administers the on-site and pre-planning efforts for the Grand Nationals Rehearsal space in conjunction with the Music for All Office. Without their efforts, Music for All would not be able to offer and operate the rehearsal space without detracting from the staff’s responsibilities in the stadium.

Your responsiveness to communications is key to creating an effective schedule. Confirmations and changes must be documented and therefore will be communicated via email. Phone calls about questions and processes are always welcome.

How do we construct the rehearsal schedule?
Before any group is assigned rehearsal times or storage, all participating bands are REQUIRED to indicate interest during the Grand National Event Registration process.

The process of scheduling bands for both rehearsal and storage space is, in essence, a jigsaw puzzle. Elements such as performance time, days of travel, and other group needs are the main factors in meeting participant needs and satisfying requests. When information is received from bands or parent/booster groups, the following criteria are taken into consideration when assigning:

● Performance Day and time. Will be distributed to participating groups by March 2.
● Total Number of groups requesting space vs. space availability, with the goal being to accommodate every group who initially requests space for either rehearsal or storage.
● Group’s preferred rehearsal time and space requests.

Your first two-hour rehearsal will be scheduled for you. You will be contacted and offered a time to accept, decline, or offer an alternative. Alternatives may not become available until all initial requests have been accepted or declined or if there is a change in space availability. Initial schedule and space communications will be communicated by May 15th.

Performance day and time:
All groups who have requested rehearsal space via their Grand Nationals Event Registration will be offered a two hour rehearsal time based on their individual performance day and time. Typically these times will be offered prior to your prelims performance time slot. In some cases, Wednesday evening time slots may be available to those traveling early to Indianapolis for your performance time. These opportunities are solely based on space availability and your travel plans.

Storage Rooms:
When you receive your initial rehearsal time you will be able to indicate if you are interested in a storage room. These storage rooms are intended more for the storage of instruments, pit equipment, uniforms and other similar items. Groups should not plan on storing props in these spaces.

NOTE: There is no performance “flow” advantage to having rehearsal or storage space. All bands must enter Lucas Oil Stadium the same way, regardless of weather, and as outlined in the Important Event Procedures for the event. In regards to Grand Nationals, the connector tunnel between the convention center and Lucas Oil Stadium is NOT open as a point of entry for performance flow.

Rehearsal Blocks: Beyond your initial 2-hours
Any group interested in additional hour(s) of rehearsal may indicate in your response to your first-time assignment. Availability will be offered once everyone has accepted or declined their initial two-hour rehearsal times. As with the initial scheduling, we will start with the first performing bands and go back through the performance schedule and attempt to accommodate as many additional requests as possible.

NOTE: additional times may be early morning and/or late night and could be as brief as one-hour sessions pending availability.

Saturday Rehearsal Process for Semi-Finalist Bands
Saturday rehearsal times will be based on the semi-finals performance schedule that is established at the Friday night director’s meeting following the announcement of semi-finalists. Convention Hall space is limited on Saturday, so rehearsal times will be available in 1 or 2-hour blocks. A representative or director from each school will be called in semi-finals performance order immediately following the Friday night semi-finalist director’s meeting to determine what, if any, rehearsal time they’d like for Saturday.

Feel free to reach out to Music for All or Music Travel Consultants as often as you’d like regarding your experience as you continue through the process of requesting rehearsal space and prepare for Grand National Championships. Thank you for your continued effort, time and partnership in helping us provide positively life-changing experiences through music for all.

Questions can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rehearsal space is $600/hr
Storage space is $600 per room as available

Monday, August 18, 2014

Schedule of Deadlines

All information below is from the 2020 Festival, and is for reference only

For a printable version of the Schedule of Deadlines, click here

For a printable, chronological version of the Schedule of Deadlines, click here

For a list of important contacts at Music for All list by National Festival responsibilities, click here

Directors Checklist - see what forms have been submitted.


DATE DUE           
September 30, 2019 2020 Festival Agreement (printed copy included in mailed folder) 
Click here for Package Descriptions and Pricing and sample agreement
September 30, 2019 Familiarization Trip Confirmation and Hotel Reservation Form
November 30, 2019 Hotel Rooming ListStudents, Chaperones, & Directors
(Download & submit using template linked above)
November 30, 2019 Ensemble Travel and Host Information Form
January 15, 2020 Deadline for Housing List Changes - AVAILABLE AS OF 12/16
(included in the Optional Event forms below under 'Event Information')

February 21, 2020  

Friends & Family Package Registration
(for Friends & Family who wish to come but are not included in ensemble's package) 


October 15, 2019 Payment 1 - 25% Deposit
December 15, 2019 Payment 2 - 50% of the Total Amount
January 15, 2020 Payment 3 - 25% or Remaining Balance of Total Amount


November 30, 2019

Required Event Forms (submit all at once or separately):
Instrumentation Breakdown
Choral Voicing Template (submit one per ensemble)
Roster of Students
Supplied Equipment Information
Additional Equipment Request

January 15, 2020 Send completed stage plot to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; PDFs linked below

Clowes Memorial Hall
Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts
Zionsville Performing Arts Center
Warren Performing Arts Center
The Palladium at The Center for Performing Arts
St. John the Evangelist
Indiana Historical Society

January 15, 2020 Optional Event Forms (submit all at once or separately):
Ensemble Meeting Request Form
Dietary Restriction Needs (for participants with special dietary needs)
Housing List Changes (for any changes that need to be made after initial housing lists are submitted)


November 30, 2019 Program Book and Script Information Form (submit all at once or separately)

(Materials needed to submit Script Information: Program Notes,
Program Order, Director Names, 
School Administrator Names)

(Materials needed to submit Program Book Information: Director Bios,
School/Community/Program Bio, 
Musical selections and Program Order,
Personnel List, Ensemble Photo, 
Director Photo(s), Superintendent letter and photo,
Principal letter and photo)

November 30, 2019

Program Book Advertising Contract and Artwork

Information about Program Advertising Contract


September 16, 2019

Initial Program Selection List:
Instrumental Ensembles 
(Download & submit using Excel template linked above; more instructions on the template)

Core Repertoire Guide

National Choir Festival Repertoire Guidelines (choirs only):
St. John Repertoire Guidelines
2020 Concert Repertoire

November 15, 2019 Reduced/Revised Program Selection List (Round 1 - see instructions for details)
December 15, 2019 Reduced/Revised Program Selection List (Round 2 - see instructions for details)
January 15, 2020 Copyright and Final Program Form
Acquire copies of evaluator scores by this date (to be turned in on-site)
January 30, 2020 Recording of Entire Concert Program 
(Upload to Dropbox folder and share with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


February 21, 2020 Butler Dean's Scholarship Nomination Form - Learn More Here!
February 25, 2020 Revelli Scholarship Nomination Form


General Event Procedures
Bus/Truck Parking Information
Picnic Area Information

Communications for the 2016 fall season will be sent via email with a link to access forms and information. All forms that need your completion are available in the Director’s Lounge and can be submitted online. Please verify the email address receiving this communication is where you wish to receive communications throughout the remainder of the season. 

Please check with your IT Department to ensure that emails from will not get sorted as spam, delaying communication.  

NEW Band Video Policies for Bands of America Shows

There are two vital updates to past video policies that affect you and your band as a participant in 2016 Bands of America shows, regarding educational video copy of your show.

Music for All has a firm commitment to compliance with copyright law and the wishes of rights holders. As most of you know and are also aware, Music for All (and other in the pageantry arts) has been working diligently for the past two years to arrive at procedures, understandings, and interpretation of laws that assure compliance. Our experiences, in seeking to comply with law and the wishes of rights holder, have come at great risk and related expense. In order to regain and maintain focus on our mission and vision, and to minimize additional risk and diversion of resources, we have chosen to take actions intended to reduce our exposure and best support and advance our mission. To read more click the links below.

Email sent to Participating Directors

Fall 2016 Bands of America Educational Video Policies


Music for All will track all forms submitted for the Fall Championships on the Director’s Checklist via the Director’s Lounge area of our website. This checklist will include all items that were submitted by mail, fax, online or email. It may take up to three business days after receipt of any document before it is posted on the checklist. Please check your paperwork status before contacting our office.


Links to the online Information Form and Program Book and Script Information Form were sent as part of the Fall Acknowledgement, and can also be found at: the Championships Deadlines page. These forms must be completed by September 1st for us to be able to include your band’s information in the program books and scripts. 


Please review the Bus and Truck Parking Information included in this communication for a general overview of parking passes and associated parking fees for Regional and Super Regional Championships. The Parking Pass Request Form and payment for passes (if applicable) must be submitted four (4) weeks prior to the Regional or Super Regional Championship you are attending. 


The Enrollment Verification Form must be completed by your school’s principal to verify your school’s enrollment and determine your band’s classification for the 2016 season. The form is available only online and its link will be emailed directly to your school’s principal. The form must be submitted by September 1st. Please follow up with your principal to ensure that it is submitted. 


Music for All (MFA) is committed to full compliance with the copyright laws of the United States and requires all enrolled bands to comply with copyright laws, including arrangements of copyrighted music, use of copyrighted visual images and other materials, use of copyrighted audio of spoken text, and display of copyrighted words and images. You MUST complete the online Copyright Report, verifying you have legally secured the required permissions, to perform at any MFA event by September 1st. For more information, please visit the copyright section of our website:


MFA requests student rosters to print personalized certificates for your students as part of your championship awards package. MFA uses the count of students on your roster for the number of championship segment patches you receive for your students. We also ask that you include student email and/or mailing address contact information if possible so that we can communicate information about other MFA opportunities and advocacy efforts to students and their families. You may upload an Excel-friendly version (.xls,.xlsx, .csv) of your roster as part of the Fall Information form or on the Roster Submission Form.

MFA is highly engaged in continuing the existence of music education in schools. Demographic and program participation numbers are essential to these efforts. We ask that you provide the roster names and contact information, unless expressly prohibited by school or district policies, so that we can strengthen our efforts to support music education and to communicate those efforts to your program’s families to continue to support your efforts. 

Rosters must be submitted by September 1st. If your roster is not submitted by this date, we will be unable to print and provide your certificates that are normally presented during the preliminary awards ceremony and you will not receive your segment patches (participation and finals). If you provide your roster after the date above, MFA will print and mail your certificates and segment patches after the conclusion of the season in mid-November.


The General Event Procedures document is a new document for this year’s August mailing. Its purpose is to familiarize you with procedures that you can expect at all Regional and Super Regional Championships. We will still release an event-specific, individual Event Procedures document as part of each Regional or Super Regional’s final packet. Even if you are a director that has participated at BOA events in previous years, please read this document carefully, as some procedures have been updated or added for the 2016 season. 


Music for All is grateful to your school’s administration for their support of not only your music program, but the performing arts as a whole. To show our appreciation, Music for All would like to offer your principal four day passes for each Regional or Super Regional Championship in which your band is participating. More information will be sent directly to each principal in late August.


Please download the 2016 Bands of America Official Procedures and Adjudication Handbook (“rulebook”) and review it carefully. Click here to view and download the 2016 Handbook


Below are highlights of changes made the BOA Adjudication Handbook for the 2016 season. A more detailed list can be found on page 2 of the PDF version of the Handbook.

Highlights (Section referenced in parentheses):

  • At Super Regional Championships, the Finals Performance schedule will be derived by assigning the top 7 scoring Bands from Prelims the last 7 Performance times in numerical order according to the pre-draw. The next 7 will be assigned the first 7 Performance times in numerical order according to the pre-draw. (7.02)
  • At Grand National Championships, the Finals Performance schedule will be derived by assigning the top 6 scoring Bands from Semi-Finals the last 6 Performance times in numerical order according to the pre-draw. The next 6 will be assigned the first 6 Performance times in numerical order according to the pre-draw. (12.01)
  • Updated language: Tempo-Specific samples and musical loops are not permitted during the Performance. (14.16, 20.01)
  • Bands will be allowed a reduced minimum performance time of six minutes. (18.01, 18.05)
  • Bands may only pre-set props and equipment in the designated staging area (end zone or front side) when directed by Bands of America officials. Enclosed venues (domes) may suggest a specific sequence of items in the flow. (21.04)
  • Each Band will receive 25 field passes plus 6 name badges as part of their participation cooperative fee. For 2016, a band may purchase up to five (5) additional field passes on site at Band Check-In. (Sections 5, 8, 13) 


Per our rulebook, props shall be limited to a maximum height of 12 feet tall, including safety or other railing or equipment. Additionally, no participant may be on, or be placed on, any portion of any prop where the participant’s feet are more than six feet above the playing surface of the stadium, unless appropriate safety railing and/or other safety equipment are in place and in use. 


Please review the Picnic Information included in this communication for more details about feeding and watering your band at Regional and Super Regional Championships. 


Approximately 90 minutes after your performance, you will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a link that will take you directly to your judge commentary files stored in a Dropbox account. The link is accessible from any device with an Internet connection (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) If you do not have your own Dropbox account, you will still have the ability to access your files using the provided link. If there are any changes to this procedure, we will communicate them to you at Band Check-In. Also 90 minutes after your performance, you may pick up your Timing and Penalties sheets from the BOA Program Sales table on the concourse.


Your cooperative tickets will be mailed to you two weeks prior to each show. The type of Regional in which you are enrolled determines the number of cooperative tickets you will receive, as follows:


Type of Regional

Number of Cooperative Tickets Issued

Powder Springs, GA

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

McAllen, TX

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Monroeville, PA

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Austin, TX

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Clarksville, TN

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Dayton, OH

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Conroe, TX

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Toledo, OH

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Jacksonville, AL

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

Dallas/Fort Worth Area, TX

Regular Season Regional

20 day passes

Winston-Salem, NC

Regular Season Regional

20 day passes

Newark, DE

Regular Season Regional

20 day passes

Hillsboro, OR (show pending)

Regular Season Regional

20 day passes

St. Louis, MO

Super Regional

20 GA tickets for each session*

San Jose, CA

Regular Season Regional

20 day passes

Atlanta, GA

Super Regional

20 GA tickets for each session*

St. George, UT

Regular Season Regional

20 day passes

Long Beach, CA

Early Season Regional

15 day passes

San Antonio, TX

Super Regional

20 GA tickets for each session*

Indianapolis, IN

Super Regional

20 GA tickets for each session*

Grand National Championships


20 GA tickets for semifinals

*There are three sessions for each Super Regional: Friday Prelims, Saturday Prelims and Saturday Finals (Note for Atlanta Super Regional: There is no Friday Prelims session. You will receive tickets for Saturday Prelims and Finals only)

Note: Day passes are valid for both preliminary and finals competitions. You will only receive the amount and type of tickets indicated in the chart above, but additional tickets can be purchased at

Reminder: Complimentary General Admission tickets cannot be upgraded to reserved tickets. 


At every BOA Championship, each ensemble will receive six name badges and 25 prelims field passes. The badges will contain the names indicated on your Fall Information Form. Field passes should be distributed by the director. Both the name badges and field passes allow field access during your band’s performance, as well as access to the spectator area during prelims performances. Bands performing in finals will receive 25 finals field passes at the Finalist Directors’ Meeting, which will allow access to the field access during the band’ performance, as well as access to the spectator area during finals. Reminder: Any adult accessing the field must have a valid field pass or name badge. 

New in 2016 for all shows, you may purchase up to five (5) additional field passes on site at Band Check-In. Should you purchase additional field passes and your band proceeds to the finals competition, you will receive the same amount of additional finals field passes previously purchased at the Finalist Directors’ Meeting. 


Please share this information with your parents and boosters to avoid surprises at the gate. Still cameras (digital or film, professional or otherwise) are allowed into the stadium and may be used from stadium seating, but not on the field. Videotaping is not permitted. Tripods, or other similar equipment that may obstruct the view or path of travel of others, are not allowed. The issuance of a “Field Pass” or other non-media BOA Credential does not include the right to use a camera on the field. Pass holders must go into stadium spectator seating to use their cameras. More details will be included in the enclosed Important Event Procedures for each Regional.


Jolesch Enterprises, the Official Photographer of Bands of America Championships, will be on site to capture professional photos of your students in action, as well as the official group and section photos commemorating your 2016 Bands of America Championship appearance. Photos can be ordered on site or online at 


All 2016 Official Bands of America and Music for All Merchandise is powered by PepWear! New apparel, including the Commemorative 2016 BOA Championship T-shirts, and event souvenirs will be available for purchase onsite at the BOA souvenir stand and online at Please tell your students and their families so they can bring home a BOA souvenir!


2016 Bands of America Regional Championship Patches will be available for purchase this fall online and at every Regional at the BOA souvenir stand. Use the Regional and/or Super Regional online order form to pre-order 50 or more patches at a discounted price ($7 versus $8 per patch on site). In addition, BOA recognizes each and every student in the Regional Championship as a participant with a specially designed participant segment intended to complement the Championship patch. 

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