Word of Mouth - Summer Symposium Testimonials
Word of Mouth - Summer Symposium Testimonials

Word of Mouth - Summer Symposium Testimonials

The staff was extremely helpful, relatable, and just excited to be there. It was a very comforting environment, and I learned a lot of life skills along with music skills that I will definitely use.

The people around me inspired me to become more motivated and to become a better person. I was amazed at how friendly and full of warmth the artists were, despite being so talented and famous.

The instruction was superb, and the atmosphere was so positive! I was motivated to excel because of the qualified instructors. The campus was great at accommodating all the students.

I think the most valuable part of the Summer Symposium was learning about leadership skills. I can definitely take what I learned back to my band and help my band become better as both individuals and as a whole.

I learned a lot about what it means to be a drum major. The camp also encouraged me as a person to step out of my comfort zone and do the best every day to make the day as great as possible. It also taught me to stop looking at myself like I'm the center of everything, and start taking into account what it truly means to be a part of something that is much larger than myself.

The energy of the Summer Symposium camp allowed me to change my attitude toward music and leadership skills. I was very impressed with the staff and SWAG team, because their hard work made the whole week very enjoyable for me and other people I met as well. My experience at the Summer Symposium makes me eager for the music year ahead for my band. I look forward to being able to return next year to the Summer Symposium.

I found the whole experience life changing. The sessions on leadership and communication were informative but still interactive, and the work to improve skills in both marching and conducting was intense while still being fun. The sense of pride and unity by the end of camp was awe-inspiring.

MFA Summer Symposium is, for musicians, a place unlike any other. You will finally be surrounded by people who care just as much as you do, some even more. This makes the atmosphere different than anything you have experienced or could even imagine. All the campers, not to mention SWAGs and Staff, are there for their passion for music. The things you learn are valuable and not exchangeable for anything. MFA Summer Symposium is Band Geek's heaven.

It was the single best thing I have done in my life. There is just something about being around 400 other people who are just as passionate as you are about music. It was amazing to me that every day – no matter how tired, hungry, or worn out I was – I never once wanted to take a break or go home.

This camp makes you see life as a world of beautiful possibilities, and it makes you want to make the world more beautiful. I want others to possess that mindset so our generation has more leaders that will make an impact on our world.
-Anonymous student participant

This truly is a wonderful organization, and I have had the best times of my life at this camp and through Bands of America events. I hope to return as much as I can to be a SWAG.