Color Guard - Music for All
Color Guard

Color Guard at the Music for All Summer Symposium, presented by Yamaha

Ball State University, Muncie, IN
June 23 - 28, 2014 | Leadership Weekend Experience: June 21-23

High school students with a passion for color guard: you don’t want to miss the Music for All Summer Symposium. Music for All’s color guard curriculum provides time with leading instructors and immerses students in hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. The Symposium brings together the rock stars of color guard, the leadership in the marching arts activity of Bands of America, and Music for All’s mission to create positively life-changing experiences, in order to provide the ultimate learning environment.



What You’ll Learn

Flag, Rifle, Sabre- All Levels
  • Master Class for Advanced Students (audition required)
  • Faculty: instructors of nationally-celebrated color guards
  • 2013 DCI World Champion Carolina Crown, corps and guard-in-residence
  • A safe, away-from-home experience in the premier facilities of Ball State University, including outstanding residence halls, fieldhouse and dance studios

Throughout the week, you will receive extensive and intensive instruction and technique classes in all levels of flag, rifle and sabre; daily dance and movement sessions; performance opportunities; and hands-on experience with talented young performers from the country’s top drum and bugle corps. The color guard curriculum also includes a “master class” for advanced students. Students meet and get to know others from across the country and spend time with students from a variety of backgrounds who share their love of color guard performance.

Leadership is the theme that runs throughout the camp curriculum.

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For Color Guard Instructors, too!

The Director's Academy features the Color Guard Instructor Academy, providing professional development for color guard instructors. Directors and instructors, bring 12 students and attend TOTALLY FREE! Bring 6 students and attend TUITION FREE! 

2014 Color Guard Faculty

Susie Harloff
Avon, IN
Symposium Color Guard Coordinator
Vincent Thomas
Baltimore, MD
Onyx World
Jay Logan
Cincinnati, OH
Milford H.S.
Ricardo Robinson
St. Petersburg, FL
Braden River H.S.
Shannon Clark
Lexington, KY
Lafayette H.S.
Lexis Winter Guard
Nathan Jennings
Atlanta, GA
Lassiter H.S.
Robbie Arnold
Winchester, KY
Lafayette H.S.
Adair County H.S.
Lexis Winter Guard
Derek Smith
Grand Rapids, MI
Interplay Winter Guard
Beth May
Indianapolis, IN


What Do You Need to Bring?

  • It is REQUIRED that ALL students (including weapons) have a flag pole height at 6 feet. Beginning weapons will not need flag poles.


  • Students wishing to spin rifle and/or sabre should bring these pieces of equipment with them to camp.

  • Mark your flag pole, rifle, and/or sabre with your name, address and school on each piece of equipment. 

  • A solid-colored silk (flag) for the 6 ft. pole, with the following size: 35’’ x 50’’ - minimum, 35’’ x 60’’ - maximum

  • If you do not have these dimensions, please bring a flag closest to: 35’’ x 50’’

  • NOTE: It is preferred that this flag isn’t a show or performance flag as solid colors work best in a camp environment. It is suggested to bring an additional practice flag due to inclement weather. Bring this practice flag for use all week.

  • It is recommended that all students bring white and black electrical tape in case of any needed repairs.

  • TWO 1’’ carriage bolts (length from 1-2" from a local hardware store). These bolts will be used to weight your flag pole. If your poles are properly weighted, still bring these as extra!

  • Recommended and appropriate clothing includes: Athletic shorts and t-shirts or tops. Layers are recommended because of the extreme weather at times. (Sports bras may be worn under shirts ONLY.)

  • Not allowed: Boxer shorts, spandex shorts, short shorts, halter or tube tops. (Sports bras may be worn under shirts ONLY).

  • If you spin with gloves on, feel free to use them.  They are not required.

  • Please note: We WILL be outside for the majority of your day. PLEASE bring head covers like hats, headbands and scarves and sunglasses. Bring plenty of sunscreen, water bottles, a small towel and more sunscreen!

  • Bring two (2) pairs of lace-up athletic shoes with proper arch support for ALL sessions for good and inclement weather. Dance shoes may be brought for our daily dance classes, but are not required. Sandals/Flip Flops are NEVER acceptable for any color guard session!

  • Please bring black shorts for Saturday’s finale.  T-shirts will be provided, courtesy of Directors Showcase International.

  • Multiple equipment students should bring their equipment in a simple equipment or flag bag. This equipment bag should have enough space for all of your equipment, be labelled properly with your name, address and school and be made with a strong, durable and waterproof fabric. If possible, borrow your guard’s equipment bag for the week.

Auditioning for the Master Class

  • ALL Color Guard students considering EITHER the Master Class, Rifle or Sabre classes are asked to bring ALL THREE PIECES OF EQUIPMENT to camp. 

  • A specific Master Class audition will be held MONDAY at 10am during the main auditions. Individual warm up will be available at 9am with the audition beginning at 10am in a gym setting. This will be a World-Class audition with skills and abilities expected to be at the highest levels. Attendance is mandatory for any student who wishes to be considered for the Master class.

  • The Music for All Color Guard faculty is currently working on an audition video which will teach potential Master Class students the audition material needed.  This will include technique exercises and choreography.  The link to this video will be sent to registered Color Guard students as soon as it becomes available.  It is highly recommended that students who wish to be in the Master Class learn the technique exercises and choreography BEFORE coming to camp.


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