Music for All Video Frequently Asked Questions

Music for All Video Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble creating an account – I keep getting an error message.

One of the most common causes of errors during the attempt to create an account is an outdated broswer. Please make sure you are using an updated version of your broswer of choice when attempting to create an account. 

Why can't I see a live webcast right now if I've purchased it?

The live webcast is in real time. Please note the start and ending times for each day's performances on the Full Fall Schedule. Please note that only the Super Regionals and Grand Nationals are Webcast Live. Times shown are local to the event location.

I only see a logo on the screen, why don’t I see a band performing?

Logos and other information will show on the screen between band performances and during breaks.

How do I view my recent purchases?

Login to your account and click on Subscriptions at the top of the screen.

If I buy the pay-per-view of a live webcast, can I also watch it later on-demand after the event?

Live Webcasts are available live, as they happen in the stadium, only. Performances cannot be watched post-event. Music for All does not have the rights to provide recordings after the event, on demand.

If I buy an Individual Event live webcast, does it include all performances or just one band?

Individual Webcasts include access to that entire event -- all performances for the duration of the event, live as they happen in the stadium. You can "rewind" to watch performances on the same day, but cannot watch prior performance of different days of the same event.

Are the live webcast streams compatible with iOS Devices (Apple iPads and iPhone)?

Yes, Live webcasts are available on iOS devices (Apple iPad and iPhones).

How do I purchase a live webcast?

You can purchase Individual Super Regional or Grand National event Live Webcasts to watch just one event live, or an All Season Pass to watch all Super Regionals and Grand Nationals, or All Grand Nationals Pass to watch all of Grand Nationals (Prelims, Semi-Finals, Finals).

Are all Bands of America shows Live Webcast?

No, only 2015 Super Regionals – St. Louis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, San Antonio – and Grand Nationals are Live Webcast.

Can I watch video after the event is done?

No, Live Webcasts are live, as they happen in the stadium only. You can rewind to watch performances on the same day, but not previous days of the same event, nor previous events.


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