Media Credentials Policy

Media Credentials Policy

The purpose of the Music for All (including Bands of America® and Orchestra America programs) Media Credential Policy and policies is to facilitate increase the awareness of and interest in music education and Music for All, and to advocate for and publicize the activities and accomplishments of the students, teachers, and others involved in and supportive of scholastic music education and arts education generally.


Music for all welcomes news media representatives who want to provide coverage of the event, the hard-working young people and their supporters who make the events exciting and important educational performance experiences.
ELIGIBLE: Music for All (Bands of America/Orchestra America) event passes “MFA Media Passes” are intended for representatives of official news media outlets only (i.e. newspapers, television, radio, periodical publications), with valid credentials from the news outlet they represent.


A media representative is required to show official working media credentials in order to pick up an MFA MEDIA pass and must sign in at the ticket window with name and media outlet. See Video Recording Equipment policy below for further details on video.


ELIGIBLE for MFA Media Pass with valid school media credentials.
A student representative of a school's newspaper or yearbook may receive a media pass with valid school media credentials.


NOT eligible for MFA Media passes.
“Band (or orchestra) photographers” who do not have valid media outlet credentials do NOT meet the criteria for an MFA event MEDIA pass. Still photography of any kind MAY be taken from the spectator seating areas. “Official Band (or Orchestra) Photographers” are still allowed, so long as such person uses one of the band’s field passes (or other MFA event credential) in order to take photographs in the behind-the-scenes, pass-restricted pre-performance areas and such photos are not sold, distributed, duplicated or placed on the Web in any downloadable fashion. Official Band (or Orchestra) Photographers must be in or go into the spectator areas to shoot pictures during performances. Their use must be for archival, band/orchestra website or media purposes only. This restriction applies to all who enter the performance venue (stadium, arena or concert hall), including any band parents with field passes or other event credentials. Only the OFFICIAL MFA photographers and official media representatives who have been issued an MFA MEDIA pass will be allowed to shoot from the performance field/area or stage.


VIDEO NEWS MEDIA passes will be issued by Music for All to qualified broadcast television news media. No video or audio recording devices are allowed into a stadium or other venue, including those with “band/orchestra videographers.” Credentialed television news crews and MFA-pre-approved professional filmmakers are the only exceptions. Credentialed television news crews must show their station credentials at the Will Call Ticket Window (or other designated area) and sign in. MFA staff on-site will be contacted to meet the camera person on-site. Any camera person wishing to enter the stadium, area or concert hall for any other purpose, including documentary filmmakers, must have pre-approval in writing from Music for All. Requests, both in advance and on-site, may be denied.


Use of cameras of any kind are NOT ALLOWED on the field (stadium floor) or performance stage for any MFA event or program, except for the Official Photographers of MFA, and official news media with properly issued MFA credentials. Please communicate this to your parent/booster group. Still cameras (digital or film, professional or otherwise) are allowed into the stadium/concert hall and may be used from stadium seating, but not on the field. FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY DURING A CONCERT HALL PERFORMANCE IS NOT PERMITTED. Tripods or other similar equipment that may obstruct the view or path of travel of others in seating areas are not allowed. The issuance of a “Field Pass” or other non-media MFA Credential does not include the right to use a camera on the field or concert hall stage. Pass holders must go into and be in the spectator seating area to use their camera.


Any media entity collecting any sort of “photography, video or audio materials” (photographs, web images, film, traditional video or audio, photos, etc.) from Bands of America, Orchestra America or Music for All programs or events, practices or press conference/media events may use that material only for tradition print news media and television newscasts or Web-based or print news coverage, with a limitation of up to five (5) minutes in length from a single event or program. Such media entity may not offer any live video, audio or other coverage of the event through any means, including radio broadcasts, television broadcast, Web-casts or podcasts, without the advance written permission of Music for All.

This policy includes all events, programs, and warm-ups and other on-site activities that are part of or involving a Music for All, Bands of America or Orchestra America program or event.

Use of Event and Program Performance Highlights: Following each Music for All, Bands of America or Orchestra program or event, entities my only use up to two (2) minutes of actual performance footage and related coverage identify and credit Music for All and/or Bands of America/Orchestra as appropriate. Without the advance written permission of Music for All, no Music for All, Bands of America or Orchestra America highlights may appear via the internet for any purposes other than news-focused coverage of the event.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

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