Regional Championships Information

Regional Championships Information

Welcome to your online resource for the Bands of America Marching Band Championships!


Communications for the 2014 Fall Championship season will be via email with a link to access downloadable forms on the website. Forms will only be mailed upon request.

Please check with your IT Department to ensure that emails from will not get sorted as spam, delaying communication. The official prelim schedule for any Fall Championship will be released within three (3) weeks of your registered event.

A Schedule of Deadlines is available online and will aid you in your fall preparations. Please make bookmark this page so that you may quickly reference this important information.

Please remember that both U.S. copyright law and Music for All policies require that you obtain permission to arrange for your custom arrangements. Because permission is not guaranteed for all songs, we strongly advise you to submit your requests before you start working on the arrangement. You should allow at least eight (8) weeks to clear all the rights to your music. We strongly encourage you to submit your requests now. Please go to the Copyright Resources page on the website if you need additional information, direction on how to clear your rights, or assistance with securing your rights.

Music for All will track all forms submitted for Fall Championships. Please check the status of your submission in the Director’s Lounge area of our website via the “Director’s Checklist.” This checklist will include all items that were submitted by mail, fax, online or email. It may take up to three (3) business days after receipt of any document before it is posted on the Paperwork Checklist. Please check your paperwork status on the site before contacting our office. Please click here to access the checklist. 

The Information Form is ONLY available for online submission. This is to ensure that information is readable and the process is more efficient for you. This form is extremely important for your involvement in the Championship, both pre-event and onsite. This form must be filled out completely and submitted by September 1, 2014. Click here to submit the form. 

Music for All requests information about your band’s repertoire so that we can provide it in the announcer’s script on site, and for our commemorative 2014 Regional Championship program books. The Program Book and Script Information form is ONLY available for online submission. Please submit this form no later than 3 weeks before your first Regional Championship so that we can meet our printing deadlines. Click here to submit the information.

Music for All requests a roster of your band’s students so that we can provide personalized certificates commemorating their performance in the 2014 Bands of America Championships. Rosters MUST be submitted electronically using Excel (Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, PDF’s and/or Faxed rosters cannot be accepted). This form is available online ONLY and is due to our office no later than 3 weeks before your first Regional Championship. Click here to submit your student roster. 

*We understand that due to student safety issues, many school districts do not allow the release of student contact information. If this is the case at your school, we ask that you still send us a list of your students (first name, last name). This roster is used to provide a personalized certificate for each student, as well as obtaining an accurate count of your ensemble for participation segments and champion medallions. Music for All requests student contact information so that we can communicate directly with your students and their parents about further educational opportunities.

Please review the Ticket and Pass Policy forms on our website. These forms provide information regarding name badges, field passes and tickets. Be sure to share this information with your staff members and booster group.

Tickets for the fall shows are available at under “Store.” Avoid ticket lines at the stadium! Band supporters who wish to sit together at any event with reserved seats need to purchase tickets as a block. Seats not ordered together are not guaranteed placement together.

Whether you are performing at Grand Nationals or not – order your tickets early for the 2014 Grand National Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium. Prices, seating diagram and other information are online. Mark your calendar NOW for November 12-15!

NEW FOR 2014! Super Regional cooperative tickets will be ALL INCLUSIVE. You will receive twenty (20) General Admission Tickets good for admission to ALL sessions of the Super Regional, including Friday Prelims (where applicable) AND Saturday Prelims AND Saturday Finals (minimum face value of $840 to $1,080).

All competing bands and their booster groups utilizing hotel accommodations for their stay during Grand Nationals, St. Louis Super Regional, Atlanta Super Regional, San Antonio Super Regional and Indianapolis Super Regional are required to make their hotel reservations through the BOA Housing Bureau for the respective event. Housing links are available at

Grand Nationals: The Grand National Housing Bureau will be open soon and info is available at As a reminder, ALL Grand National participants who choose to stay in a hotel are required to use a participating Housing Bureau hotel as stated on your signed application/contract. If you do not need a hotel for Grand Nationals and would prefer to secure a non-hotel facility for housing or for rehearsal space, you can download the Facilities Contact List to help you get started.

Super Regionals: All Super Regional participants who choose to stay in a hotel are required to use a participating Housing Bureau hotel as stated on your signed application/contract. Super Regional Housing Bureaus are open, and an email with information on the Housing Bureau has been sent to all enrolled participants.

Regionals: Bands attending Regionals are not required to use a housing bureau; however Music for All can assist you in securing hotel accommodations for Regional Championships. By securing hotels on a case-by-case basis, we can work to find a hotel in your preferred location and within your budget. Visit for more information.

If you need special assistance or more information regarding the Housing Bureaus, feel free to contact the BOA Housing Coordinator at 866-577-8829 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following shows require the purchase of parking passes for all buses/trucks: Toledo, Denton, Winston-Salem, Newark, St. Louis, Atlanta, San Antonio and Indianapolis. Refer to the Bus/Truck Parking Pass Request form online for pricing. Payment is not required for Grand Nationals for passes unless you require special overnight parking. Those passes will be available for purchase online by October 1. Typical rates are $50 per vehicle valid for the duration of the event. Click here to submit your parking pass request. 

These passes are for buses and trucks ONLY and may not be used on personal vehicles. One staff vehicle pass, which is valid for the bus/truck parking lot, will also be sent for SELECT SHOWS only. We are unable to accommodate staff/personal vehicles in the bus/truck parking lot at venues where space is limited. Please refer to your final packet Important Event Procedures for details regarding specifics for each show.

To ensure the safety of your students, bands are not allowed to eat food in the bus/truck parking areas at an event. Please relay this information to your booster group as they plan for your fall season. We will disclose a suitable picnic location, if available, either on or offsite, in your final event packet.

2014 Bands of America Regional, Super Regional and Grand National Championship Patches will be available for purchase this fall at every Regional, Super Regional or Grand National Championships at either the BOA souvenir stand or online. Download the Patch Order Form at to pre-order 50 or more patches at a discounted price of $6 ($7 per patch onsite). In addition, BOA recognizes each and every student in the Regional, Super Regional and Grand National Championships as a participant with a specially designed participant segment intended to complement the event patch. Patches will be distributed onsite at each event. 

A copy of the Procedures and Adjudication Handbook can be downloaded at, under the “RESOURCES” menu. *An updated handbook will be posted and available for download by May 31, 2014. An email communication will be sent to notify you and to summarize any changes that were made.

A photograph of your band will be printed in the Grand National Championships program book. If you participated in the 2014 Grand National Championships, MFA will request a photo from last year’s event provided by Jolesch Enterprises. If you were not at Grand Nationals last year, please indicate on Program Book/Script Information sheet how you plan to submit the photo. Materials are due to Music for All by September 1.

1) BY MAIL: A black and white or color photo, 8” x 10” or smaller, overhead shot of performance is preferred. Do NOT paper clip it to another piece of paper (the clip will scratch it) and do NOT staple it. Do mark your band’s name on the back with a soft tip pen, but please do NOT press down with a ballpoint pen (this will leave visible impressions when printing).
BY EMAIL: We can ONLY USE an emailed file if it meets the following criteria for printing: emailed TIFF or JPEG format, 300 dpi, and at least 6” wide, emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..