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Music for All will add programs for choir in 2018 with the premiere of the Music for All National Choir Festival, at the 2018 Music for All National Festival, presented by Yamaha, in Indianapolis. The Music for All National Choir Festival will be an integral part of Music for All’s ongoing mission to create, provide, and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all. Henry Leck, Founder and Artistic Director of the famed Indianapolis Children’s Choir, has joined as Artistic Director of the Music for All National Choir Festival. Lori Lobsiger and Kim Mann, leaders in choral event programming and past producers of the World Choir Games, have joined Music for All as program consultants for the new MFA National Choir Festival.

“It’s extremely exhilarating to be involved in this new choral initiative and with an organization of such high caliber,” said Henry Leck, Artistic Director. “I look forward to bringing many talented choirs from all over the nation to the festival to further music education and help students experience the magic that Music for All offers with all of its programs.”

The new National Choir Festival is a non-competitive experience for outstanding high school and youth choirs, of both treble and mixed voices, to celebrate musical excellence and provide opportunities for growth and learning. The Festival offers an opportunity for each ensemble to receive recorded and written evaluation of its performance from a knowledgeable audience of music educators and fellow choir members. The festival also incorporates master classes led by world-renowned musicians and top applied faculty, as well as social events that give students the chance to network with colleagues, guest artists and icons of music education. At the end of the festival, students, directors, parents, staff and evaluators will attend a Gala Awards Banquet where all ensembles are recognized for their participation.

“Music for All is excited to take this next logical step in support of and advocacy for scholastic music education,” said Eric L. Martin, President and CEO of Music for All. “For 40 years we have created and provided programs supporting, elevating and advocating for the availability and excellence of instrumental music instruction in our schools and nation. Expanding our commitment to choral music fulfills requests of MFA alumni and music educators from across the nation, as well as Music for All’s vision to ensure that every child across America has access to the benefits of quality scholastic music education offerings.”

The 2018 MFA National Choir Festival will be held March 15-17. This year, 2016, marks the 25th anniversary of the Music for All National Festival, presented by Yamaha, which currently includes concert bands, orchestras, percussion ensembles, chamber ensembles, and three national honor ensembles – the Honor Band of America, Honor Orchestra of America, and Jazz Band of America. A full schedule of Festival ensemble concerts, times, and locations for the upcoming 2016 Festival to be held in Indianapolis, March 10-12, will be available at


Download the Music for All National Choir Festival Brochure.

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The Bands of America Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have had a positively life-changing impact on Music for All’s Bands of America programs, participants, and music education. 2016 inductees were announced during the Finals of the 2015 Bands of America Grand National Championships, presented by Yamaha, Saturday, November 14th, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. 

Music for All has announced the industry leaders who will be inducted into the 2016 Bands of America Hall of Fame: Frank Bischoff and Frank Troyka. 

Frank Bischoff has been one of the most familiar faces of Bands of America for more than four decades, serving as the dean of BOA’s front sideline field and timing and penalty management.  Frank has been a contributor through the years in the development and evolution of Bands of America’s show operational rules, as we migrated from a posture of rule enforcement to one that emphasizes smooth operations and field management designed to embrace performance creativity in a safe and fair competitive environment. 

Frank is a living encyclopedia of Bands of America rules and an active contributor to the BOA’s Adjudication Handbook rules committee.  Through his proactive approach of working with bands to comply with the rules while achieving their creative objectives, Frank has helped transform a “historically “got you” role and approach to one that embraces and actualizes our “positively life-changing experience” attitude, and environment.

Frank has been on the field for more than 150 Bands of America Regional and Grand National events, logging more than 2,500 hours of on-field service in support of BOA and the pageantry arts in America.  Beyond Bands of America, Frank has also loaned his services and expressed his passion for the marching arts to drum and bugle corps shows and color guard competitions. While he gladly served all over the Midwest for drum corps and color guard contests (including Winter Guard International) in the late 70's and 80's, Frank’s passion has always been for band through his association with Bands of America events (since 1976), the Illinois State University “Band Day” (since 1977), and the Lake Park “Lancer Joust” (since 1981).

Frank Troyka began his career in 1984 as an assistant band director in Richardson, Texas’ Forest Meadow Junior High School and Lake Highlands High School. In 1991, Frank moved to Houston where he taught in the Spring ISD serving as assistant director to Philip Geiger at Westfield High School. In 1999 Frank joined the faculty of Cypress Falls High School in the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD as its Director of Bands. During his year-seven tenure, the Cypress Falls Band was a featured ensemble at The Midwest Clinic, the Music For All National Festival, and was the recipient of the Sudler Flag of Honor. Frank moved back to Richardson in the summer of 2006 when he assumed the role of Director of Bands and Coordinator of Fine Arts at L.V. Berkner High School.

A teacher for over 30 years, Frank Troyka has been a part of and served Bands of America in almost every capacity possible. He has been a participating director in our Fall and Spring events and sent dozens of students to our national and regional summer camp and leadership experiences. He has been a clinician at the Summer Symposium, led the Symposium’s Marching Band track, and served on the staff of each Bands of America’s Honor Bands in the Tournament of Roses Parade. He has also demonstrated his support and passion for the organization with volunteer service on the Bands of America Fall Programming Advisory Committee.  From 1997 to 1998, Frank was Bands of America’s Director of Events, bringing educator supportive initiatives and approaches to our operating model.  Frank coordinated Bands of America’s first European Honor Band experience, leading more than 70 students, faculty, chaperones and guests on a tour that included performances in France, The Netherlands, Germany and the World Association for Symphonic Bands & Ensemble (WASBE) conference in Austria. 

Since retiring in 2014, Mr. Troyka has been a clinician for the Wind Bands Association of Singapore, The Midwest Clinic and an active lecturer and clinician, presenting annual student leadership workshops in Texas and across the nation. 

Music for All will induct these newest members into the Bands of America Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 12, 2016 during the Music for All National Festival in Indianapolis. They will be permanently recognized in the Bands of America Hall of Fame at Music for All’s Indianapolis headquarters, along with all the BOA Hall of Fame members inducted since the first in 2003.

Bands of America Hall of Fame Members

Remo D. Belli
Richard L. Saucedo
Mark Jolesch 
Dr. Nicholas Valenziano

Eugene Migliaro Corporon
Fred and Marlene Miller
Camilla M. Stasa

James Campbell
Bruce Dinkins
Vic Firth (1930-2015)

Chuck Campbell
Chuck Henson
Stu and Sharon Holzer

Debbie Laferty Asbill
Richard Floyd
Michael Rubino

Anthony Maiello
L. Scott McCormick
H. Robert Reynolds

James F. Keene
Norman Ruebling

Marie Czapinski
Colonel Arnald Gabriel
Alfred Watkins

Gary Green
Michael Kumer
Wayne Markworth

Ray E. Cramer
Gary Markham
George N. Parks (1953-2010)

Greg Bimm
Bob Buckner
Richard and Gayle Crain

Tim Lautzenheiser
Tom McLeRoy (1929–2003)
Kenneth M. Snoeck

Col. Truman W. Crawford (1934–2003)
Frederick Fennell (1914–2004)
L.J. Hancock (1952–2002)
Larry McCormick
John P. Paynter (1929–1996)
Dr. William D. Revelli (1902–1994)

The Patrick John Hughes Parent Booster Award recognizes the extraordinary commitment, dedication, support and sacrifice of music parents and boosters across the nation by shining a spotlight on a recipient who exemplifies these qualities.

The award is named in honor of Patrick John Hughes, the father of Patrick Henry Hughes. Patrick Henry is a remarkable young man who, despite physical challenges that would seem overwhelming to many, has excelled as a musician and student, singing and playing piano and trumpet with the Louisville Marching and Pep Bands, with the help of his father, who tirelessly maneuvers his son’s wheelchair through the formations with the other 220+ members of the Cardinal Marching Band.

On Friday night during Grand Nationals the 2015 Patrick John Hughes Parent Booster award was awarded to Derek Greer of Owasso, OK. 


Every winner of the Patrick John Hughes Parent/Booster Award shares the common traits of selflessness, savvy, and passion to better the band. Derek Greer of Owasso, Okla., is no different, but his desire to help others has extended beyond the barriers of the school to touch the life of a young band alumna with a life-threatening condition. Greer and his wife April began working with the Owasso Band Patrons of the Pride of Owasso band when their eldest son Nate entered the program in the fall of 2006. They became mainstay volunteers, working in the pit crew, selling at concession stands, and sponsoring events.  

“Derek and April have always been involved with the band, giving of their time and efforts in every way imaginable...and now, unimaginable,” said Cindy Craft, Owasso Band Director. 

While chaperoning a band trip Greer met band member Yennifer Gutierrez. He noticed she was ill and later learned she was battling lupus, an autoimmune condition that greatly impacted her life. While the two didn’t develop a close relationship at that time Derek didn’t forget her. 

In 2011, he ran across a Facebook page Gutierrez created seeking help to find a kidney donor. Lupus had attacked her kidneys, leading her to dialysis to stay alive. Moved by a childhood friend who had received a life- saving kidney donation, Derek jumped into action, going through the initial tests and screenings to learn if he was a match. 


“It came as no surprise when we heard Derek had volunteered to donate his kidney to help save Yennifer’s life,” said Owasso Band Patrons Club co-presidents Pam & Rob Braisted. 

But his generosity alone wasn’t enough. He wasn’t a match.

Despite the setback he was still determined to help, agreeing to join the Paired-Donation registry with Gutierrez. This program lists a willing donor and recipient together to be matched with another incompatible pair. His quick and selfless decision to join the registry led to the kidney she needed. 

In 2014, Greer and Gutierrez were notified they were compatible with a Texas pair. Despite the fact Greer had undergone shoulder surgery in the months prior, complete with a scary moment of recovery when he momentarily stopped breathing during rehabilitation, he returned to the hospital with Gutierrez.

They underwent the transplant process in the summer of 2014. Gutierrez received the kidney of Texas band mom Susan Clark, while Greer’s kidney was donated to a man in Texas. Theirs was the first paired kidney donation surgery for the state of Oklahoma. Although The transplant programs at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth have together performed nearly 3,000 kidney transplants since the kidney transplant program began in 1985, theirs was the first paired kidney donation surgery that Baylor performed.

The surgeries were a success, with Yennifer so far making great progress with her new kidney Susie, which she named after her donor.


Despite Greer’s own recovery period, he didn’t miss a beat with a band.

“Derek is on the mend and right back to work with the Pride of Owasso,” said Ammie Sullivent, a Owasso Band Patrons member who also nominated him for the award.

As an engineer his skillset has been well utilized by the band through the years.

“He has created innovative designs for much of our equipment and has spent countless hours constructing them,” said David Gorham, Owasso High School’s retired band director. 

The Greers participation as band boosters hasn’t waivered. Their son and daughter Natalie graduated from the program, and daughter Noelle is currently a member.

“It takes a special kind of compassion and patience to be with one activity for almost ten years, but the Greers have never shown any sign of regret in their involvement. Their efforts are truly inspiring,” said Maggie Matheny, Student Band Council President. 

“The dedication Mr. Greer has provided to the stakeholders of the Owasso Band program has raised everyone to the next level of musicianship, success, and humanity,” said Chris Barber, Associate Director of the Owasso High School Band.” For lack of better words, Mr. Greer is the Batman of band parents, always waiting for the beacon.” 

Even in talks of nomination for this award Mr. Greer remained humble.“Derek expressed his hope that it would be a great way to raise awareness for paired donation, leading to more donor matches,” said Shawn O’Kelley, Assistant Director of Bands at Owasso High School.

But his participation in just one match will be felt for a lifetime by Gutierrez.

“Derek Greer is an amazing man,” she wrote on her Facebook page following the transplant. “It’s because of his choice to stick with me for the past three years, that I have received my Gift of Life.”

Read more about Patrick John Hughes and his family and the Parent/Booster Award and find out how to nominate the exceptional parent or booster in your music program here.

Music for All’s efforts to create, provide, and expand positively life-changing experiences include awarding a number of scholarships each year. This year, at one of the organization’s largest events, the Bands of America Grand National Championships, three students were given substantial support to use for upcoming college tuition expenses. 

The 2015 recipient of the Yamaha Marching Band Scholarship, a $1,000 award presented by Music for All’s National Presenting Sponsor, the Yamaha Corporation of America, was Lisa Gudan, senior drum major at Homestead High School in Cupertino, CA. Gudan was a Music Ambassador for 2015 World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles Conference and was invited to perform with the All-State Honor Band Wind Ensemble for California. 

JR2 4641

The Fred J. Miller Family Fund, a $1,000 award through the Music for All Foundation, was presented to Clayton Ehlers, senior at Waukesha North High School in Waukesha, WI. Ehlers showcases the high caliber of passion, talent, and dedication that Mr. Miller had for music education and the marching arts. Playing several instruments such as bassoon, mellophone, trumpet, oboe, piano and ukulele, Ehlers is eager to continue learning and teaching music. 

JR2 4647

Another scholarship presented by the Miller family was the Fred J. Miller Music Education Fund, which was awarded to Rebecca Singletary, senior drum major at Fred J. Paige High School in Franklin, TN. Singletary received this $2,000 scholarship based upon her many impressive accomplishments including her participation in the 2015 Music for All Honor Band of America, selection to be a Myra Jackson Blair Vanderbilt Scholarship Recipient and leadership in the Tennessee All-State Band. 

JR2 4653

To learn more about Music for All and stay up to date on scholarship opportunities offered through the organization, please visit

The 2015 Bands of America Grand National Championships got started in a big way Wednesday evening with the annual Indianapolis Marching Band Tournament. This community-wide celebration of pageantry is the kickoff event for the nation’s most prestigious marching band competition.

One of the unique aspects of this event is the Spirit Award, which includes a $1,000.00 check presented to the school whose fans display the most enthusiasm and sportsmanship. This is one contest where cheering for your favorite band can provide the students much more than just moral support. Crispus Attucks High School was named the Spirit Award winner with a very large and supportive throng of boosters cheering them on.

Spirit Award

Sweeping all captions in the Corps-style division, Arsenal Technical HS brought the pomp and festivity of a Chinese New Year’s parade, complete with a dragon of band members snaking across the field. Second place Emmerich Manual HS gave us a thrilling high-seas adventure set to music of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” with the chills and thrills of the iconic movie franchise on a football field.


Show-style winner Broad Ripple Magnet HS came through at crunch time with “The Wide World of Sports,” which paid tribute to the most popular types of sports in our country. With “Hip Hop Through Time,” runner-up Crispus Attucks Magnet HS took us on a journey through the evolution of their favorite type of music.


Other bands included Arlington Community HS, who rejoined us after an absence of several years. John Marshall Community HS played contemporary chart-toppers, and Northwest Community HS closed with a red hot version of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” Shortridge HS pounded out challenging cadences with their ten-member drumline. George Washington Community HS showed us what could be done with only four wind players, and Key Learning Community treated us to the sounds of Bruno Mars.

The quest for the Eagle starts in earnest on Thursday, as ninety-five outstanding bands from coast to coast in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii will compete in Prelims. The highest placing bands will advance to Saturday morning’s Semi Finals competition, with the top 12 bands coming back to the main event, Saturday night’s spectacular Grand National Finals.

Tickets are still available for all performances. We invite you to join us in person at Lucas Oil Stadium, via the live webcast available at, or through our interactive blog covering the action as it happens. Let’s rise together and support these future leaders as they give it their all over the next three days. Go for it! Break ranks!


The only professional drum and bugle corps in the United States Armed Forces has partnered with Music for All, a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, to spread awareness on the importance of arts education, leadership and careers in music.

The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps has partnered with Music for All and will offer support for all its events including Bands of America Regional and Super Regional Marching Championships, Bands of America Grand National Championships, Music for All National Festival, Music for All National Chamber Festival, and Music for All Summer Symposium.

While Music for All focuses on how teens and young adults can use music to gain confidence, build a network of motivated peers and learn valuable lessons on perseverance and dedication, “The Commandant’s Own” shows them how they can use these skills to create a career path within music and the military.

“The Commandant's Own” is excited to announce our partnership with Music for All. Music for All provides a diverse and expansive platform to fulfill our commitment to motivate, entertain and inspire,” said Major Christopher Hall, Director of The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps.

“The “Commandant’s Own” has been serving the United States for more than 80 years, performing at over 500 parades, ceremonies, and other celebrations annually. Originally formed as an augment to the US Marine Band, the unit provides musical support to ceremonies in the nation’s capital and around the world.  

“Music for all could not be prouder during its 40th Anniversary than to have The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps join our family of partners,” said Erin L. Martin, President and CEO of Music for All. “The United States Marines and its Drum & Bugle Corps are the epitome of excellence, service and leadership. They compliment Music for All’s commitment to instilling these values in the next generation of America’s leaders through our programming. “

For more information on The United States Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, please visit or on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @usmcdrumcorps.

Music for All is diligently working to secure the proper license agreements before we can Live Webcast from St. Louis October 16-17, and before we can start taking orders for Live Webcasts.

As of 11:00 a.m. ET Friday we have not yet received the required authorization and cannot yet begin taking orders.

To our guests who are waiting to order and watch the Live Webcast, we understand your frustration. We are working on it continuously and are hopeful we will be able to launch the Live Webcast today as anticipated, but at this time, we do not have word on when we will be able to begin accepting orders, nor if authorization will be received in time to being streaming by the start of today's preliminary performances.

As soon as ordering is live, we will announce on Facebook, Twitter, and with a link.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Live Webcasts Announcement

Written by

From the President and CEO, Eric L. Martin

We are pleased to be able to offer Live Streaming Webcasts of 2015 Bands of America Super Regional (St. Louis, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and San Antonio) and Grand National Championships.

Many of you are aware of the changing environment concerning the production and offering of commemorative videos of student performances and Music for All/Bands of America events.

We are happy to be able to offer this service and opportunity for parents and boosters who cannot make the trip to still be part of the experience.

Live Webcast Pricing and Order Information

Prices and package options for BOA live streams are below. Pricing offered has been established to make the offering feasible and as affordable as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to develop methods to create ways to extend and make available the experience.

All Live Webcasts are available live, as they happen only. It is an “in-stadium” experience, but on your screen.

How to Order: Music for All is working to finalize the online ordering system, to be available this week in time to order for the St. Louis Super Regional Live Webcast. An announcement will be made on this blog and on Facebook and Twitter when ordering is live. You can plan your purchase using the pricing below.

Individual Super Regionals

St. Louis Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 16-17, Live from the Edward Jones Dome

Indianapolis Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 23-24, Live from Lucas Oil Stadium

Atlanta Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 30-31, Live from the Georgia Dome

San Antonio Super Regional (Includes Prelims and Finals) – $24.95
Friday-Saturday, October 30-31, Live from the Alamodome

Grand National Championships

Grand National Thursday Prelims – $24.95
Grand National Friday Prelims – $24.95
Grand National Semifinals – $34.95
Grand National Finals – $49.95

Grand National "All Access" Webcast Pass (Prelims, Semis, and Finals Bundle) – $68.95
That's just 49 cents per performance!

2015 Live Webcast Season Pass

"All Access" Webcast Season Pass (St. Louis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and San Antonio Super Regionals, plus all of Grand Nationals – Prelims, Semi-Finals, and Finals) – $98.95
That's just 22 cents per performance!

Note: Only Super Regionals and Grand Nationals will be Live Webcast.

More About Capturing and Providing Recordings

In hopes of making video recordings of 2015 BOA performances available in some format (e.g. streaming video on demand and/or digital downloads) at some point in the future, Music for All has invested in and retained the ongoing services of Mr. Video, our past videographer to capture and edit high and multi-camera versions of all 2015 Bands of America fall performances. We are delivering a copy to each director for archival and teaching purposes, but cannot legally release additional copies at this time.

Please know that offering traditional DVDs, post-event steaming video on demand, or digital downloads in a legally compliant, timely and affordable fashion to students, teachers, students, fans and supporters is and remains a priority for us and others involved and engaged in presenting and supporting the pageantry arts.

Requirements and processes established in the past are no longer feasible or acceptable to rights holders. To date, we have not found common ground that will allow recording, licensing, and distribution in cost or time effective manners acceptable to rights holders, or affordable to Music for All or you – our participants and fans.

DVD Products Discontinued

We do not expect to offer DVD products as we have in the past. We are hopeful (late season or early next year) we will have processes that will allow licensing of streaming and/or downloadable commemorative videos of individual shows. If and when a system allowing them exists, we will inform you.

Music for All is working to prepare communications to past online video customers with these details; if you are a past customer, we appreciate your patience as we prepare those communications.

Parts of the U.S. have been hit hard with rain and flooding in recent days. We hope you and yours are safe.

Due to extreme weather conditions, finals were canceled for the shows in McAllen, TX on September 26; Dayton, OH and Powder Springs, GA on October 3.

The overriding ticketing policy for Music for All/Bands of America events is that tickets are “non-refundable.” Nevertheless, where extraordinary circumstances, like severe weather, cause the cancellation of all or a substantial portion of an event, Music for All has established refund polices for that event and offered full or partial refunds as appropriate.

Click on the links below to see Music for All’s policies concerning ticket refunds for the affected shows.

For McAllen, TX Regional Championship

For Dayton, OH Regional Championship

For Powder Springs, GA Regional Championship

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Powder Springs Finals Cancelled

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As of 6:30 p.m. local time – Finals has been cancelled due to weather at the Bands of America Regional at Powder Springs, in the interest for the safety and well-being of the participants and spectators.

Note that this is in addition to cancellation of Finals at the BOA Dayton show, also due to weather.